I am your No 1 Super Confidence Coach with a mission to empower 10,000 upwardly mobile Female Entrepreneurs with the confidence to master essential business skills. I am the course creator of the Ultimate Formula to Mastering Super Confidence, The Confidence Revolution Live Events that takes place across two continents, and the founder of Raising Confident Girls. I have written a range of practical ebooks on confidence to suit the needs of your individual circumstances. Super confidence is an emotional state that is built up from inside and manifested outwardly and when mastered, you can simply become unstoppable. My Ebooks are on SALE NOW for N1,500 until my birthday week.

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Do you want a deeper relationship with your daughter?

Are you worried about societal pressures that could poke at your daughter’s self-esteem and confidence?

Imagine having a strong relationship with your daughter and helping her to build her confidence? Doesn’t that sound great?

This ebook is written for you. It’s an ideal resource to help navigate such a unique and beautiful relationship between Mothers and Daughters and improve communication, trust, and respect. Confident mothers raise confident daughters.





Are you ready to step up and stand out?

Are you fed of dulling your shine?

Imagine being able to show up and present your skills and abilities, confidently. Wouldn’t that be great?

In this ebook, you will

  • Discover ways to love yourself completely
  • Know Yourself To Grow Yourself
  • Think positively so you can attract what you desire
  • Discover how goal setting can build confidence and become your new lifestyle.




Do want super confidence in business even during tough times?

Are you worried that you are slipping into negativity because of the state of the economy?

Imagine having a strong mindset that allows you to thrive even during tough times? Doesn’t that sound great?

In this ebook  you will discover

  • Greater confidence as you focus on your strengths in your business
  • Improved communication as you assert yourself completely
  • Better decision making as you think your way to success
  • Increased performance as you discover ways to set audacious goals that convert into results




Testimonials from readers

What a beautiful and relatable read. Riri, you compressed a life journey of purpose into beautiful pages of everyday living. I loved every bit of my reading and had quiet some head-nodding moments and lots of smiles as I visualized. A must-read for anyone seeking their inner and higher self.  Kate Nwachi

Thank you for writing this book and for sharing your gift and enthusiasm with the world. It is a beautiful thing to see a person walking in their purpose and then going further to encourage others to find theirs also and live fulfilled lives. Nnenna  Ofulue

Loved the bonding session for the mother and daughter segment. The list and checks for the journey of self-discovery that states that it starts from within and from the mind is a big plus for your book. The coping strategy of daily or short goals, as well as smart goals too, ranked premium for me. Loved the quote of Napoleon Hill there. And oh, short powerful affirmations are classic, carved on marble things! Double thumbs up there. Your take on vision boards and practices are scientific and totally relatable. I loved the “what stepping into your purpose looks like” part of the book. Best of luck in the transformational coaching and practices. I look forward to reading more from there.  Ruth Goma, Ph.D. Developmental Psychologist

‘Thank you for your Ebook. It is an amazing material for parents and their children. I dare say for Dads and Sons too. The bonding exercises at the end of each session between mother and daughter piqued my interest and I will definitely be using those. Thank you for sharing your wisdom with the world. “ Moses Ida-Michaels

I loved reading this ebook on Build Confidence and Step Into Purpose, I couldn’t stop until the end. It’s concise, it’s riveting and most importantly practical! If one practices the steps to building confidence written in this book, it would most definitely change your life. You just have to believe and do! Great work Riri! Keep up the good work!! Looking forward to your next work!! Chinwe Nwabiani

Building confidence for mothers and daughters, in one word, is PRACTICAL. First, it’s not a lot of reading but a series of hands-on guides and I appreciate that. It’s like a blueprint, you start out on this and you don’t know where your relationship with your daughter will end and how you both will transform! Sahmicit Kumsa 

It’s rich and informative. I learned so much and also discussed with Ify (my husband)on how am gonna improve my relationship with my stepdaughter Kiki and maintain a positive mindset especially for the goals I have looked forward to. I really loved it.  Adanna Anukem

Great e-book you have there. I love the way you simplified it; fluidity is superb, clarity is crystal and your story is real and relatable. I enjoy such writings. I have started the bonding exercises. 💖Ms. Riri finished work here oh! This is a book for this time and beyond. Grab your copy to start enjoying the benefits. You will love it! Grace Chidolue


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