How To Bond With Your Daughter Through Her Growing Challenges



You only have to read heart-breaking stories in the news to recognize that our daughters are under so much pressure. The rise of Social Media hasn’t helped. A survey revealed by Dove noted that 80% of teens girls by age 13 are using editing apps to alter their features. Many girls feel insecure as they attempt to live a lifestyle that is usually beyond their means. Imagine forming a strong bond with your daughter where she can confide in you about anything. This creates openness between mother and daughter and unshakable confidence and resilience in her.

This extraordinary 20-page ebook which costs $4 is a parent’s guide to help mothers with pre-teen and teenager daughters have intimate conversations, bond, and help them through their growing challenges.  There are lots of bonding topics for mothers and daughters to take together. It offers actionable steps to help you empower your daughter with confidence skills and bond with her in the process so that she can present herself confidently, anywhere in the world.

What’s Inside The Ebook 

Bonding Discussions

  • Defining Confidence
  • Teach Her To Know Herself
  • Show Her To Love Herself
  • Help Her Think Right
  • Introduce Her to Goal Setting As a Lifestyle

Also Includes

  • How To Cope In Tough Times
  • Quotes To Live By
  • Action Steps
  • Bonding Sessions

You don’t just get this ebook, you will receive THREE amazing bonuses

31 Day Confidence Journal

Confidence Pledge


31 Day Gratitude Journal

((The links to the bonuses are on page 17 of the ebook))

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RiRi is the Founder of Raising Confident Girls an online movement with over 27,000 members. RiRi has also delivered summer camps for girls, empowerment talks, etiquette, and elocution training in schools. Her mission is to empower 10,000 girls with valuable life skills so they can stand out anywhere in the world.


In one word, is PRACTICAL. First, it’s not a lot of reading but a series of hands-on guides and I appreciate that. It’s like a blueprint, you start out on this and you don’t know where your relationship with your daughter will end and how you both will transform! Sahmicit Kumsa 

‘Thank you for your Ebook. It is amazing material for parents and their children. I dare say for Dads and Sons too. The bonding exercises at the end of each session between mother and daughter piqued my interest and I will definitely be using those. Thank you for sharing your wisdom with the world. “ Pastor Moses Ida-Michaels

Great e-book you have there. I love the way you simplified it; fluidity is superb, clarity is crystal and your story is real and relatable. I enjoy such writings. I have started the bonding exercises. Ms. Riri finished work here oh! This is a book for this time and beyond. Grab your copy to start enjoying the benefits. You will love it! Grace Chidolue

I read this book three times and  I and my daughter have learned a lot and are confident together. Thank You, RiRi
Theresa Onuwabhagbe

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