I grew up in a Catholic home and Christmas was a tradition for us. We would go to midnight mass, sing our hearts out to Christmas Carols, open a few presents before midnight and gather together as a family on Christmas day and open all our presents. I loved Christmas as a child and always looked forward to the season that was full of love. Now as an adult and believer of Christ , I still love Christmas and listed below are my reasons

Credit: My nephew during his first nativity play as a Wise man

There’s always debate as to whether Christians should celebrate Christmas or not. Some believe it’s pagan practice and others believe it’s become too commercial. I chose to believe it’s a time to honour the birth of Christ and take time out to celebrate with family and friends.  Someone reminded me the other day, that no other birthday has impacted the entire world for over 2000 years. If you are inviting friends and family round for Christmas, why not take that opportunity to evangelize, you never know who’s life will be saved.

Christmas has always been a season of exchanging gifts. Giving is better than receiving. And if we do give, let’s give from a pure heart not expecting anything from our giving. In times of financial lack, there are others ways to give, like spending time with loved ones.  Now that’s priceless.

For some of us, the only time we get to see our loved ones is during the holidays. This is a perfect time to fellowship with family and just share magic moments. It’s a season for reflecting and being grateful for where we are despite our external challenges.

Every family that celebrates Christmas has a family tradition. Some go to church, some love to see the Christmas lights, some love Christmas Carols, some love exchanging gifts, some love the party games, some love putting up the Christmas lights and some love them all. We have a new tradition in our household and that’s basically buying secrets gifts for each other and exchanging it on Christmas day. It’s all fun and games.

Whatever you are doing this Christmas, I wish all my readers happy holidays. Thank you very much for reading my blog posts this year and sharing your feedback. I really do appreciate it.

Be safe this festive season! God Bless

Merry Christmas

Love RiRi


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