The other day I listened to a webinar by a Bounce Back Expert named Sonia Ricotti. Sonia is a best selling author, motivational speaker and CEO. She had been through a lot in her life including incurring serious debt, health issues and a relationship collapse. She went through a total breakdown but once she bounced back, she has been sharing how she recovered with the world. Here are my notes from her webinar which I believe are useful and some of my additional thoughts.


Great things are waiting for you around the corner. In fact they have arrived. You have to surrender to what is going on. Something big is going to come out from what you are going through. This thinking will release all the negative energy you may have stored inside you. Make a declaration of how you want your life to be and meditate on it daily for at least 21 days.

Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result is foolishness. You have to do something different. Here is something different.


Reprogram your conscious mind.

Shift how you feel. What is causing your suffering and pain is not your circumstance but your thoughts about your circumstance. You have to look for the silver lining in what you are going through. I remember when I was going through a really dark season and my confidence was hit big time. I could have wallowed in the pain, instead it led me to set up Raising Confident Girls and by giving back I regained my confidence.

What are you going through that can change, just by changing your thinking right? Anytime you are angry, frustrated or depressed it means you are staring at a closed door. Accept where you are and move forward. Surrender to what is. It does not mean you are giving up. You cant change something until you accept it.


Reprogram your subconscious mind

Deep in your subconscious mind are limiting beliefs that you need to uncover.  You don’t manifest what you want, you manifest what you believe. You need to reprogram your brain with beliefs required to be successful in the area you want to achieve success in. Bring your limiting beliefs to the surface. You need to remove the block which simply means you have to unprogram a lot of mental stuff in your head.

A young lady I know, who is seeking to marry said, ‘’All the men out there prefer lighter skin ladies’’ That is the story she has told herself and that may be preventing her from marrying. She can reprogram her brain. What is the story that you are telling yourself about any area of your life that isn’t working?

Here are some more limiting beliefs

  • Making money is hard
  • I’ll never be a millionaire
  • I don’t have enough education to be successful
  • I am too young to be successful
  • I am too old to be successful
  • If I make a lot of money, I will be less spiritual
  • To make a lot of money I need to work very hard

Do you know there are people that work hard and make no money and those that work short hours but make a lot of money?

What is the story you’ve been telling yourself? You need to change your story.


Increase your vibration

By using the Law of attraction which means Like attracts Like you can increase positive vibrations. The energy we release to the world is the same energy we attract to our lives. Everything is energy. Your thoughts are energy. Positive energy will manifest positive thoughts and vice versa. Please let that sink in.

In order to increase your positive thinking your vibration needs to be above 500 level.

Below 500 500 and above
Shame Love
Guilt Joy
Fear Peace
Anger Gratitude


These are things you can do to increase your vibration to above 500

Choose your friends carefully

We know the saying,” tell me who your friends are and I will tell you who you are”. Hang out with people who elevate you. Create your own circle of light. When you choose the right circle it helps gain love and gratitude.


Forgive others: Let go and set yourself free. You generate a lot of negative energy when you hold on to unforgiveness. Its like drinking rat poison and expecting the rat to die.

Forgive yourself:

  • The past doesn’t exist besides in your mind
  • It’s a memory
  • Let go and forgive
  • The future doesn’t exist
  • Only the present

Suffering occurs when you are thinking about the past or future. Let go of the past because you are carrying a chain with you daily. When you forgive, the sense of peace is unbelievable.

Meditate: When you meditate it helps gain joy and peace. Think deeply, spend time alone

If you are believer do so with the Bible Affirmations daily. For God has not given me a spirit of Fear but of power, love and sound mind. 2 Timothy 1:17  For as a man thinks in his heart so is he Proverbs 23:7  There is a friend who sticks closer than a brother Proverbs 18:24 I move forward with the confidence in the Lord Galatians 5:10

I have been on a journey of self-development for a long time so all the above is not new to me. I do practice a lot of what she spoke about using Biblical principles. But now I am going to be even more intentional with my thoughts because I already believe its the best way to live you best life and I want you to get there too. If you found this post useful please leave a comment and share with others.


Credit: Sonia Ricotti

Other resources: The Success Principles by Jack Canfield.









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