I attended the 2nd day of the Global Leadership Summit video broadcast that was held at Elevation church today. It was a power packed event. Here are just a few summary notes that you might find useful.
Transform how you live and lead
Insights from inside Google: Laslzo is a senior consultant from Google. He says, we spend more hours working, so being in a good work place matters. You need to give work meaning. Some people remember the duty but forget the joy. Having a mission gives work meaning. Missions must inspire and have good stories 
Here are Work Rules best practice 
·       Figure out why you are doing what you are doing
·       Go to your team and ask what inspires their work
·       Who are the beneficiaries of the work you do and who can you invite to share the impact your organization has had in their lives?
·       Go back to No 1 and do it again and again
Trust your people , allow them make decisions. Ask them how better the company can perform. If you believe that your team are fundamentally good, they will repay you with goodness and creativity.
As a leader, give your team more than you are comfortably giving because that means you trust them.
Hire only people who are better than you.
Pay unfairly – pay appropriately and let high performers know and be appreciated
Nudge – Celebrate positive things you see in the people in your environment around you and reinforce that type of behaviour

Grit: The Power of Passion and Perseverance
Angela describes GRIT as sustained passion and perserverance for especially long terms goals.
She believes that deliberate practice allows people to achieve world class excellence
Here are 4 specific ways taken from her research
1. Stretch your goals – what one small thing can I do just a little better today that Ive done before?
2. Focus 100% – How can I maximize effort on this one small thing today?
3. Get feedback – Who can I get feedback from regarding this goal?
4. Reflect and refine – What part of the feedback can I put into practice

The Act of Forgiveness
Her entire family except her brother were wiped out in the 1994 Rwanda massacre including her parents, her grandparents and siblings. She was hidden by an Anglican priest from another tribe. She sat in a bathroom for 3 months. She is a Catholic and prayed the Rosary 200 times but she found it difficult to pray, ‘’forgive those who trespass against us’’. She was losing her faith. She asked God to show her a sign. When the perpetrators came to look for her, they told the Anglican priest that he couldn’t have hid her because he was a good man. They left the premises and she was safe. She finally escaped to America.


Lessons Learned
·       Forgiveness is a choice
·       There is freedom in forgiveness
·       As leaders we need to go first
There were over 12 Leaders including Pastor Sam Adeyemi, Sheryl Sanberg, that spoke during the two days conference. You can order a DVD of the entire conference from Elevation church.
Did anything stand out for you? Please share your comments.


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