On Saturday 28th September 2019, executives from across Lagos attended an exclusive training center at V8, in Lekki phase 1, Lagos for the 4th Edition of the Confidence Revolution.

The Confidence Revolution Workshops takes place in Lagos and London and the feedback is always hugely positive. I am certified in Confidence Building from the International Open Academy which is accredited by the International Council for Online Educational Standards.

The event on Saturday started with delegates learning about my journey and my reasons for setting up the workshop that’s now in its 4th edition. I was very open about my low moments and how low confidence affected my life until I knew better. I informed the attendees that building confidence starts from the inside and that one needs to build  a strong foundation to weather the storms of life. Most of the time we seek to build outer confidence. We chase high paying jobs, accolades, big cars, big homes or we try to look our best  yet so many people lack inner confidence; even top executives. I took  participates on a journey, teaching them the confidence techniques and principles that I have used to help me and my clients become stronger, resilient and confident individuals.

Delegates spent  the day in teams, reflecting, exchanging and networking with each other. Business owners among the group also had the opportunity to share their elevation pitch to the class.

The 4th Edition Confidence Revolution Workshop didnt disappoint and the delegates had the opportunity to practice out some of the tools they had learned in a group challenge.

Thanks to everyone who showed up! If you are interested in the next edition then please send a message me at  rita@majesticallyrare.com

Here’s some feedback from for the 4th Edition attendees

✍🏾I loved it. Really inspired and would tell my friends to attend
✍🏾The group was very engaging. It had changed my approach to life and how to speak
✍🏾I gained a lot and had a better understanding
✍🏾It was a fun environment to take time to reflect and give direction for the last quarter
✍🏾I liked the approach of the facilitator and she passed her knowledge
✍🏾Awesome and Amazing Experience. It was a rewarding session.
✍🏾The facilitator was able to engage all the participants. She very detailed and so receptive.
✍🏾The workshop was engaging and interactive from start to finish. Nothing boring. The high point for me was just to take action.
✍🏾It was an absolute pleasure attending. Your level of p
rofessionalism was top notch.

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