It’s coming to the end of our summer holiday and I have a few things to say worthy of a blog post. This summer holiday has been one of the best holidays ever, mainly because of great relationships we have nourished over the years. Great Relationships are so important to me and worth investing in.  
The year started with so many great expectations and then suddenly out of nowhere my funky, handsome, friendliest, cool looking dad slipped away and died peacefully in his sleep.  My whole world was turned upside down with the shock, but alas life has to go on slowly but surely. I really needed a break after that experience and I thank God that our summer holiday helped me deal with my grief (although I was too upset to say anything about his birthday which came up recently). 
Fun in the Sun
It was great being surrounded by our family and friends. The British weather didn’t disappoint either and we experienced a mini heat wave on some days. We were fortunate to move around in a powerful automobile and got us to special events in Warwickshire and Norwich which are miles away from London, thanks to a special person (Read more in final paragraph). 
Events Galore
There were events galore this summer. How can we forget Glam ma’s special birthday, my nephew’s 1st birthday bash, wining and dining, anniversaries, BBQ’s, strolls in parks, work outs in parks (wink) school reunions, meet and greets, deep meaningful conversations, family fun games, family reunions, raising confident girls meet and greet etc etc etc. We thank God for these experiences that dont come up often.


We missed a few close people on this visit. Even though we didn’t meet we know they were there in spirit and hopefully we will catch up next time.

Special Thanks
Last by not least how can we thank my brother inlaw Obi Okoye who not only hosted us for the whole summer but let us move around in his fast audio. I thank God for people in the world like Obi, he’s a rare breed.

My lessons learned from Summer 2016
  • ·        There are great people in this world
  • ·        Make time out for people because they are important
  • ·        Appreciate the smaller things in life like laughing and sharing
  • ·        Thank God always for magical moments
  •    Thanks to all who made our summer the best ever, till we meet again. Mwah! 
As I go back to my beloved country Naija, my prayers are that things will get better and that we will not be part of the problem but part of the solution. Amen 

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