Recently I posted a gratitude message about escaping an allergic reaction that could have left me dead. I am so grateful for my support system, access to good medical advice and stories from others, which has equipped me with more knowledge about allergies. But the truth is gratitude has been my lifestyle for a few years now, especially since living in Lagos. It’s my coping mechanism of surviving in this volatile environment.  

Grateful living is important in the world because in our constant pursuit of more and better, we can easily lose sight of the riches that lay right in front of us and within us – Guri Mehta
There are many benefits to having gratitude and I will just highlight six of them.
1. Gratitude makes you happier
Daily gratitude can increase your long term well being. I discovered that just by journaling each day or meditating and appreciating what I have improves and boosts my well-being. This was not always the case. In the past I would focus on what I didn’t have and be miserable.
2. Gratitude makes you amiable
It makes you nicer to be around. When you are friendly it draws people towards you. You are not carrying baggage and you are just in a more content state.  Anytime I’m feeling low, I list my blessings and name them one by one. The fact that you are reading this blog post and not lying in a hospital bed should make you more grateful. If you are in a hospital bed then you should be grateful for being treated. There’s always something to be grateful for.
3. Gratitude makes you healthier
There have been studies to show that your lifespan is extended when you are grateful. You sleep better when you have gratitude and your body has more vitality and energy. I use to be a big worrier. I remember a time when I wasn’t sleeping well because of all the concerns about my circumstances until I started to apply more gratitude. Now I sleep like a baby most nights.  
4. Gratitude makes you bounce back
Life will always throw things at us: Death, Loss, disappointments, betrayal, etc. Your gratitude level needs to be high even when we face challenges. It’s our attitude that can help us bounce back. I remember a season when my job role was terminated. It came as such a shock and there was no notice. Rather than wallow in self-pity, I bounced back. I was grateful for the experience and connections that I had picked up and then went on to start Majestically Rare Events which has been running successfully for 6 years.
5.  Gratitude eliminates envy
These days so many people focus on what others have, especially since the advent of social media, without appreciating the gifts and blessings that they have in their own life. When you appreciate what you  have there will less reason to envy another person. You will realise that you are enough.
6. Gratitude increases self esteem
You cant have high esteem if you don’t have gratitude. Because self esteem is a snip off from being grateful about who you are and what you have. 

Be intentional about saying ”Thank You” to others and watch the snowball effect on your own well being.

I hope this blog post encourages you to be more grateful. Please say a prayer for those who are going through extreme hardship and are struggling to stay alive.


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