10 years already

I can’t believe that it’s been 10 years that my brother Chris left us. I know he is in a better place because the pain he had to endure before his passing was excruciating to say the least.  Anyway today is not about recalling sad memories, it’s about celebrating my beloved brother Chris who is also fondly called Crissy.

I have so many beautiful memories of Chris but today I just want to share 10 of them. Click the slide Gallery.

  1. Christmas was always a fun experience in our household. Chris couldn’t wait to open all his presents
  2. Chris’s first day at Saint Joseph’s Primary School in West Ealing
  3. We still lived at Williams Road in this photo and Chris was growing into a fine young man
  4. Does anyone know what decade this? It’s the 90s. Chris loved all this 90’s garms
  5. Chris with mum. He graduated with a degree in Business and he went straight into entrepreneurship
  6. Chris and our big brother spinning some sounds for my daughter’s 1st birthday party
  7. Anyone that knew Chris well, knew he was a natural salesman. His persuasive and networking skills were incredible.
  8. This was a beautiful memory of family in Naija, a few months before his passing.
  9. Chris loved New York City so I am told.
  10. Chris loved to travel. This was Dubai.

One thing I know is that Chris lived his life to the max and he left a legacy that none of his family will ever forget. He was smart, kind, loving and generous. He is always with us.


I will always love you


Your big sis



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