On the 6th of April, about 60 Entrepreneurs and I set out on a mission to re-ignite super confidence into our businesses.

The aim of the 5 day challenge was to

  • Re- re-ignite super confidence in our businesses
  • Learn new skills from others
  • Develop new insights about our businesses
  • Network with high achievers
  • Gain new business contacts
  • Possibly start something NEW
  • And have fun while being challenged

Some entrepreneurs showed up to start the journey but for some reason didn’t start.

Some entrepreneurs started but couldn’t complete.

And for some, they started the journey and were determined to complete the tasks right to the end of Day 5 and were even asking for more tasks.

The challenge finished on Friday 10th and Nkemmara Emmanuel and Mitchelle Ndidi Oruche-Griffin were declared the winners for being the top contributors and gained immediate access to my new online course


As an event and business trainer, I am used to running interactive workshops which I have been doing for the past 10 years across Nigeria and more recently in London but hosting an online event was a new experience for me.

I thoroughly enjoyed hosting and being part of this virtual challenge and was extremely satisfied with the outcome.

Here’s a summary of the experience.

Day 1

Why are you in business?

Task: I reminded co challengers that their reason for being in business is essential to reigniting super confidence. I also encouraged them to share their tasks to their audiences on social media as reminder that they havent shut down and they are still in business. I did the same. The co challengers then came back with lots of responses which really excited them. There were over 250 exciting contributions on the first day.

Day 2

How will you move in tough times?

Task: I asked co challengers to imagine being locked up in an office with an internet and a computer and a deadline to make a certain amount of money. The purpose of the task was to make the participants consider innovate ways of making new money under pressure. By the time this task was over, the participants were actually surprised with how many innovate ideas they had come up with. There was also so much feedback and suggestions of how to make money during Covid19 times.

Day 3

How will you stay top of customers mind in uncertain times?

Task: I reminded everyone that the world has changed because of Covid 19 and as entrepreneurs we have to adapt to changing behaviors of our customers and clients.  The task was to come up with creative ideas to stay top of customers mind. We were to consider all aspects of our marketing and continue with those that are working and scrap those that are not and find new ways to stay top of mind to our audiences. By the end of this task that was a flood of marketing ideas.

Day 4

Multiple streams of income: Name and Fame them.

Task: The co challengers were instructed to contact a trusted business associate and come up with new ideas to make multiple streams of income in tough times. There was a bowl of interesting ideas from their business associates which participants  hadnt even thought of before the challenge. Two heads are better than one.

Day 5

Mission Possible

This task was about recalling the whole week’s tasks and thinking about all the lessons learned and applying them to our businesses. It was also about showcasing the challenge to their audiences.

Summary feedback from participant

  • It was a wonderful , versatile , quite interactive and trust me, my confidence is been re ignited and I hope to take advantage of every thing I have learnt to become the best in my chosen career.
  • The experience has reignited my confidence the more. Connecting with other Entrepreneurs out there, knowing that woman actually support other women in achieving our goals. I love connecting with women of substance and I believe I actually did.
  • I really appreciate you for putting up this initiative, looking forward to more of it in future. How happy I’m to have won!!! It’s a win win all the way….
  • I actually enjoyed all. It really got me thinking and it got me thinking about going back into my food business. Honestly, I can’t think of anything that could have made it better because it was an exciting experience for me.
  • It was really engaging and fun. It also strengthen my confidence concerning my business and  I gained more knowledge on how to make my business better.


Entrepreneurs were re-ignited with business confidence

New business ideas were birthed

New marketing ideas were birthed

New connections were made

Sales were made

And the co challengers enjoyed themselves and so did I.

Thank you to everyone that took part. So that’s the end of Re-Ignite Super Confidence challenge but you will be hearing from me again with a new challenge. Watch this space.


Thank for stopping by and please feel free to leave a comment.

Happy Easter

Love RiRi


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