When Covid19 started, it seemed like a big nightmare. However, I was optimistic. I believed that sooner, rather than later my Events business would pick up and I would continue in the success of Majestically Rare Events. But for two months that hasn’t happened. It’s completely shut down.

I had so much time on my hands. I got certified as a Life Purpose Coach but I was still restless so I created the ‘’Re-ignite Super Confidence Challenge’’. It was a 5 day challenge for entrepreneurs, with an aim of reigniting super confidence and injecting new motivation even in tough times.

So many ideas came out of the challenge including writing an electronic version of a book.  My purpose of inspiring my audience through an ebook was birthed and it’s called ” Build Confidence and Step into Purpose” and here’s why I wrote it.

To Change Lives

Gaining inner confidence is a game changer. It has certainly changed my life for the better. In the ebook, I define and explain my journey of confidence. My old thinking was that being confident meant you were outspoken and loud. That is a big myth. A lot of those traits are actually insecurities.

Inner confidence is hard to define but you know it when you see it. You don’t have to tell anyone how great you are. Your actions does all the talking.

To Inspire

Another reason I wrote the ebook is because I believe when you inspire others, it creates a snowball effect. If I can inspire my readers with inner confidence then they can inspire their communities and then we all benefit.

To Impact Future generations

My older two children are young adults. (Age 19 and 17+ respectively). I believe that if their generation can grasp confidence and purpose early enough they will have a more fulfilled life.

To Leave A Legacy

As I mature in life, I have started to think more about how to touch lives for the better by sharing my tried and tested ways to improve and lead a confident life.

To Give Hope

In this season of Covid19, most people are seeking hope and I believe that the principles, and techniques that I share in my book will give hope.

I have a different mindset from what I had a few years ago. I believe in a better tomorrow.

To Share My Story

Finally I wanted to share a bit about my unique journey. People are always asking why I am happy and content despite not being materialistic.

My ebook will give you a glimpse of the answer.

I have invested a lot of time and money on books,  personal development,  international seminars by world speakers and being coached by super achievers. And I share the principles and techniques learned, in this book.

A little investment to transform your life is really worth it. It’s just N2,500.

Please head to link to order your copy. It’s an ebook in pdf format. It does not require a physical delivery. Your download will be sent immediately after you order the book.




And if you would would like order by transfer then contact me on rita@majesticallyrare.com

I am dedicated to your success. Please feel free to leave a comment and remember to stay safe.

Love RiRi

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