Making Sales In Tough Times



Tell me if this you:

  • You have a great product or service but no one is buying it
  • You are getting more objections to your offer
  • Everyone is complaining about higher costs and bills so you are reluctant to push products
  • You didn’t make sales or meet your target in the last quarter

Introducing  my latest Ebook Making Sales in Tough Times

My name is RiRi Okoye and I am your High Impact Marketing Coach

I help clients like you grow their businesses by teaching them effective marketing and sales strategies to make a profit. I have been in business for over 10 years and in the early days, it was hard for me to break even not to talk of making a profit. But things changed and now selling comes naturally to me. 

In this ebook:

  • Learn easy and clear ways to make sales even in tough times,
  • Discover how to position your mind to sell in tough times.
  • Understand what is happening during tough times and how you can adapt your strategy
  • Implement tried and tested strategies  in tough times
  • Convert clients from competitors without being mean
  • Infuse the best techniques to overcome sales objections
  • And much more

You also have access to 3 Amazing BONUSES at the end of the ebook including power words that can be used effectively in sales communications, Sales Phone Script & Sales Objection Script

You will gain actionable lessons to implement so that you will sell your products or services in any season but especially during tough times, and hit the road running.

This ebook is a valuable clear and concise 20-page resource for any business owner who wants to improve their sales performance and make sales in tough times.

Grab your copy before it disappears from this platform 

Readers Reviews:

”This ebook succinctly sums up the tools needed for today’s sales & marketing. It’s very relevant; it’s a must-read.”

Lilian Modebe

”This ebook gives a step-by-step innovation in selling, noting that things must be done differently to score that deal/closing. If you have this ebook, you can sell anything to anyone!” Chinelo” Ken-Ayaduno

”A sales guide that is both concise and helpful. The author not only teaches sales principles and tactics but also gives you the drive and inspiration you need to become a successful salesman even in tough times. She also does a fantastic job of teaching the language of selling, which you must master if you want to sell your products or services.”Patrick Emekekwue

About RiRi Okoye

10 Years CEO Majestically Rare Events 
Certified Life & Business Coach
Business Growth With RiRi, Radio show 
Leading Sales Team member of Natwest Bank (ex Staff)
8 Years at BBC London (ex Staff ) in Marketing & Training
High Impact Marketing Coach with RiRi
Certified SSM from EDC, Lagos Business School
Virtual Event Producer of 7 Figure Business Mastery Series
Published  Author of Various Ebooks on Personal Growth & Business
Business Course Creator at
Mentor with She Ventures FCMB
Mentor with Tony Elumelu Foundation
Member Of Life Coaches Association of Nigeria
Founder of Raising Confident Girls

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