7 Figure Business Coaching With RiRi

180,000.00 60,000.00


7 Figure Business Coaching (7FBC)

  • Are you a business owner trying to make that quantum leap?
  • Are you struggling with your marketing and sales?
  • Are you frustrated with your campaigns and the poor results?
  • Would you like help with a power-packed blueprint?

I understand the challenges of running a small business, especially marketing and sales. I provide group coaching to a selected group of entrepreneurs who I help move from where they are to where they want to be in an exclusive virtual group setting.

The 7FBC is focused on helping business owners who have been in business for at least two years and wish to take a quantum leap using tried and tested strategies.

Benefits of working with RiRi

  • Boost your confidence by motivating you to take massive action
  • Boost your confidence by motivating you to take massive action
  • I will identify and improve your strengths and opportunities
  • I will hold you accountable for your goals which increases the likelihood of you achieving them
  • I will help you clarify your goals, craft a solid strategy, identify which actions are more likely to increase profits and hold you accountable for implementation
  • You will work with team members to gain ideas and hold yourself accountable

Virtual Group Coaching Outline

  • Week 1. Vision – Create a 7 Figure Vision For Your Business
  • Week 2. Strategy – Cost Structure, Pricing Strategies & Revenues Streams
  • Week 3. Audience – How To Identify Your Ideal Clients, Where and How To Find Them
  • Week 4. Marketing – How To Reach Your Customers Using Effective Strategies
  • Week 5. Branding – How To Stand Out In A Crowded Market
  • Week 6. Sales – The Best Sales Techniques For Online and Offline

In this Group Coaching Program, you will get

  • 6 weeks of intimate Group Coaching Service with RiRi
  • One hour strategy call
  • Group assignments which are reviewed by RiRi
  • Growth Material, Templates & Cheatsheets
  • Bonus – 6 Business Video Lessons
  • Bonus – 9 Video lessons on Inner Confidence
  • Unlimited emails and Whatspps calls
  • A thriving community ready to help each other along this path (invaluable)
  • The true value of this course is N180,000

By end of Virtual Group Coaching

  • Identify your ideal client and sell to them
  • Find the right pricing strategies for your business
  • Increase the visibility of your product or service
  • Improve marketing & sales techniques 
  • Write epic marketing copy 
  • Increase your revenue and profits
  • Quantum leap your existing business or idea to 7 Figures or beyond with a tight strategy

However, in this season, I am offering this to you for only a fraction of the normal investment as a special promotion.

Your Investment is N60,000 for 6 weeks of coaching (Introductory offer)

Interested in the coaching, please fill our course pre-qualifier

What our students are saying

Daba Ibiama

Daba Ibiama

“The reason I came to RiRi’s coaching is because I had no clear vision on marketing the business effectively. She boosted our confidence with the information she shared with us.  Giving us step-by-step guides to help us face the challenges. RiRi was good she was very personal with each and every one of us. The Monday zoom meetings were very enlightening and gave me the information I am able to use.  The assignments were thought-provoking as well. RiRi is easy to relate to, she shows empathy and understanding good listener, and willing to help when she can in and outside the coaching circle. Since engaging her services, I am doing more videos implementing storytelling in my marketing and can see more engagement and creating a marketing plan.”

Esosa Bamisile

Esosa Bamisile

 “We were on a quest to continuously improve all around and grow our business, in this regard, the course opened our eyes to many areas of marketing and branding where we could vastly improve our profile and visibility. RiRi Okoye has a way of expanding the theories, breaking them down, and causing them to appear simpler and more achievable. She’s a great teacher, patient and always ready to help even one on one. She’s relentless and pushes hard. She’s also very generous with knowledge and tips. For all the reasons stated above I would recommend Rita to my business network and also the fact that she’s committed to the success of her mentees.”


Sylvia Amakon

”I have learned so much from you. I had a coach who did not do as much as you have done. My activities started improving immediately. I am highly inspired and so pleased with the results of this online training that I will be investing in it for my daughter’s business. God bless you RiRi”

Ruth Olisa

Ruth Olisa

I came to RiRi because I wanted to build a brand, balance quality & growth in my business. She helped me overcome my challenges by talking us through all the materials she provided and hold us accountable when weren’t following the plan.

Working with RiRi was phenomenal. The sessions were very interactive with excellent communication. The best thing about working with RiRi is her simplicity, a genuine coach and she’s determined to help others. Through her coaching, I discovered how to identify my ideal clients, where and how to find them. Now I am advertising more to reach my ideal clients, working on my pricing and rewriting my mission statement.

I would recommend RiRi with a Capital YES! I gained a lot from her training and she also helped me connect with the right people/groups for my business. I can never forget that.


Ngozi Ikeadigh

”I listened to the principles by Mrs RiRi Okoye. I got the reassurance I needed with practical steps. I put these steps into action, applied them during an interview, and finally landed a great role. It was a worthwhile investment”.

Olutade Ajibua

Olutade Ajibua

“We sought out this business coaching because we needed to scale our business and wanted the help of a coach to guide our thought. Riri’s knowledge, understanding, and example were helpful in opening our minds to what is obtainable, by her training we had to look inward and do more research to arrive at the solutions we wanted. Working with Riri is quite helpful, she readily shared her knowledge and experience, she proved her leadership prowess in charting the course and getting other people to follow suit. It was an honor working with RiRi Okoye. She ensured everybody’s participation and involvement in whatever task was at hand. She made sure everyone understood the deliverables. She shared enough resources to make the task easy to accomplish. The videos were very useful and practical. It should be kept as hands-on training material or reference manual. I would recommend her upon the slightest opportunity so that others may have provable results.”


Zibi Anani

”The training has inspired me to do things differently. I am getting better results in sales. I no longer wait for people to reach out first, I boldly reach out to my audience”.