It’s been a crazy December and a busy event season for my business  Majestically Rare Events (Thank God) so I haven’t had a chance to sit down and put my thoughts down deeply.

This year has been crazy and unpredictable  but I’m coming out of 2019 with gratitude

My year started off great

I had all these mega goals

Especially for my business

I invested heavily in things that I thought were going to take my business to the next level but the opposite happened

Clients, business partners, associates and business acquaintances were all saying the same thing! “

“There’s no money”

“There’s no money”

Then elections happened and it seemed as if I was living in a ghost town.

There was no money literally…

Even my business partners in Abuja didn’t have contracts for me

Even my husband’s business was affected this year…

Even my fellow business associates were affected

But through it all I smiled and maintained a positive attitude because I’ve trained my mind to be optimistic and to be grateful to God in all seasons.

And as always my family stepped in and helped out where they could especially my dear sweet mother

But yet sometimes one is judged harshly especially through the eyes of social media

”It looks like your life is too happy”

”It looks like you have no problems”

”You are chopping all the money”

without realizing that Facebook is just a snapshot of one’s life

Some of us just choose to be optimistic

As believers in Christ, we cannot be consumed by materialism because what light would be showing unbelievers.

We are deeper than things or circumstances

So for 2020

I would say judge less and be optimistic


We don’t have all the facts

We only see a snap shot of someone’s life

We dont see their struggles

Choose to see the good in others

We are all work in progress

I look forward to 2020 and wish you all a blessed New Year

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