After ending last year on a high, I was feeling anxious about how I was going to start the New Year and set goals to achieve the same level or even better success. I knew one person that could ignite and equip me for 2018 and that is Udo Okonjo with her No Nonsense Goals Masterclass series.
The masterclass did re-ignite my enthusiasm for setting and achieving extraordinary life goals for 2018. It involved deep reflection and clarity on my vision and goals and identifying the key steps I need to achieve them.
Here are some points I wish to share. You don’t have to start 2018 all over again with a new template for goal setting. You can carry on from where you finished in 2017. But you have to position yourself for success and be deliberate and intentional. 
There was a lot of exercises in this masterclass. One of the exercises, I found powerful was the reflection exercise. Its important to acknowledge and celebrate your successes but also see every experience whether good or bad as lessons learned.
In order to turn potential into true power we need
1. A strong desire
2. Belief
3. Action
4. Prepartion
5. Become unstoppable ‘no excuses’
Another exercise that I found powerful was the vision session and its something I practice at home with a vision board. You have to believe that anything you write down is possible. So I wrote down 10 big goals things I am expecting for 2018.
It’s important to be accountable and here I am with my accountability partner Oghenero. ”Nice to meet you all” she says lol.
Repetition breeds mastery. Don’t become too familiar with your goals or with people or places. The only time you stop setting goals is when you are dead.
Be mindful of your thoughts. Every time we say we are not enough, we shut down our creative juices.
Nothing is impossible to those who believe.
Set goals around big ideas.
Have one master goal.

Think of 100 ways to make the goal happen

Invest in books

Invest in training

Form networks
Who can help us achieve our goals?
Finally always think about what you can give back to humanity. It really makes a difference.
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Have you set your SMART Goals for 2018? Always remember to take action.
Our High Impact Business Workshop returns on the first week of February. Do watch out for more details on our IG page. See below.
Thanks for reading my first blog post of the year and I look forward to sharing more life lessons and learning in the months to come.  I believe that 2018 will be amazing, incredible, phenomenal, majestic, brilliant and fantastic to those who believe it will. Thanks for stopping by and feel free to leave a comment.


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