I had no idea that my 50th Birthday would be one of my best birthday memories to date because a month before, there were no plans to do anything special. We were in the middle of a Covid 19 pandemic, traveling out of the country was not an option, two of my kids are abroad and so is my extended family.  I just hadn’t planned anything. Until one day my husband said ‘’What would you like for your birthday?’’  I told him that a virtual party would be nice and boom; the plans began.


My pre-birthday photos were taken by Bashiru from Bash Photos who has been one of my trusted event photographers for years.  We met ourselves at TPH church when I was Head of Events in 2010 and he has been part of my event vendors ever since. My golden photoshoot was a fun experience. My husband Muna and cousin in law Uzor cheered me on.  Hubby also joined in the photoshoot which made it even more exciting.  Chinaza, my hairstylist from the Moonlight, braided my hair a few days before.  I applied my makeup which was bare minimal and everything I wore was recycled from my wardrobe and I still looked sweet according to eyewitnesses (wink).



Forty close family & friends sent in their 30-second video clips as part of my golden celebrations. There were 4 parts to the birthday shoutouts from family, inlaws, cousins, and close friends.  It was great seeing the Shout Outs from family and friends from 4 different continents.

Click the link to see the birthday shouts from sister-friends



Everything was put in place to make my Zoom party a memorable experience for my guests. It started with a prayer led by my hubby Muna. There was a branded virtual booth for guests to take their own selfie and a virtual getaway experience to the Bahamas as well as a quiz about ‘’ how well you know the celebrant”. Uzo my cousin inlaw created a beautiful sketch of your life for me. A few pre-recorded birthday shouts were shown and I led the dance through the decades.

Over 150 guests showed up wearing white dress code outfits. I was so delighted at the turnout and the engagement. Uzo the host was fantastic, along with Kelechi my sister and they kept things rolling.  There were moments where my guests were unmuted and all cheered ”Happy Birthday RiRi”.  I was overwhelmed. It was one of the best days of my life especially as I could see so many people from all different stages of my life from all across the world. I was on cloud 9.

Click the link to watch highlights of my Golden Zoom party



A few close friends came over to celebrate with me on the evening of my birthday. I had to restrict numbers because of Covid19 and social distancing. The event was intimate and fun. Ayo from HavenSweet Cakery made my main birthday cake,  Ambassadors Kitchen provided the tasty food, Dream Desserts provided the cupcakes, 2 of my friends surprised me with 2 more large cakes, and Blessing from BSignature provided some light decor.   My close friends received the red carpet experience with a photo shoot at the backdrop. Each sister-friend took their time to share their experiences of how we met and what they felt about me. There were tears of joy. I didn’t realize how much I’m loved. Their stories were heartfelt. Then the main dance session kicked off. DJ  Extreme kept the temp up with the music. We danced the evening away around my living room. It was just relaxed and great.  Click the link below to watch the dance-off.


I was still on cloud 9 and received information that my 50th journey was published in Bella Naija, Champion Newspaper, and across others in blogs in Nigeria. I was elated.

Here’s a link to Bella Naija


I can’t think of another birthday where I have felt so much love.  I was literally love-bombed on all my Social Media platforms. This is an experience I will treasure for life. 


The celebrations did not end on my birthday. Lots of gifts were still flooding from loved ones including a spa treatment courtesy of Bukky from the Bodyworth Spa in Lekki. Up to 6 of her staff were waiting to greet me because they heard that this young looking 50 year old was showing up. They all screamed when I came in. They couldn’t believe it. I was shocked by their reaction and I was seriously blushing. But I’m claiming it. Looking younger than ones age is such a blessing.


I am thankful to my husband for my 50th birthday celebrations. I am grateful for all my family and friends that showed up to my events and to everyone that celebrated me on my special day. I  am thankful to God for the provision to celebrate and the gift of aging gracefully.

I can’t wait to celebrate YOU on your milestone or anniversary celebration.


I have been an event planner for most of my adult life and I have been running my own events business for nearly a decade. I typically plan professional, fun, and memorable birthday parties and corporate events. If you need an event planner either for a LIVE event in Lagos or a Virtual Party then do get in touch with me at rita@majesticallyrare.com where only the best will do for you.

These are my children – My Gift from God 

Please spare a moment to pray for my country Nigeria and thanks for stopping by


  1. Congratulations Rita so happy for you and the person you have grown to be. Keep doing what you know how best to do……

    Peace Nnadi
    Ojimbo girls❤❤

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