I saw this picture of Beyonce and Kelly and it touched my heart. I’ve been a fan of these two beauties from the days of Destiny’s Child when they were teens and now both of them are soon hitting their 40’s.

The media and the public have always pitched them against each other.

Who is the finest?

Who is the best singer?

Who is the sexiest?

And most of the time Beyonce’s comes on top, out of no fault of her own.

In fact, Kelly shared that for a decade she was in Beyonce’s shadow. But look at the photo.

This photo tells a beautiful story.

It says

They are both beautiful.

Their love for each other is strong.

The world cant break their bond.

They are united.

They appreciate each other.

Last Thursday, I spoke on Raising Confident Girl’s platform and said that those classic stories like Snow White and Cinderella need to be cancelled because they don’t help the unity of female collaborations. There was always one Princess that was the fairest of them all; in other words the best.

This is the same for beauty pageants

And in the storybooks, there’s always one girl or more,  pulling one girl down.

Why is that?

If girls read these stories from such a young age then…

no wonder girls and women are always fiercely competing with one another.

And some go to great lengths to knock down the other girl.

It doesn’t have to be that way.

We are all Queens in our Queendom.

If Beyonce is Queen Bee then I am QueenRee

(snatched from Grace Chidolue who is QueenGee hahaha)

No one has to be the best.

I was thinking recently about a sister-friend.

In school, I loved this sister friend with all my heart

She was beautiful, smart and funny

She still is.

No one could say anything about her.

I was so protective.

I would defend her for life

I didn’t realise that she saw me as her biggest competitor. It played out in adulthood and continued for too long.

I’ve heard similar stories from other sister friends.

And it’s just a pity.

It doesn’t have to be that way.

I know some mums are to blame because they always tell their daughters that they must be the best and outdo the rest.

Don’t let RiRi, score higher than you. She’s not better than you.

But that’s not the best advice.

It creates envy, hostility, and fierce competition.

Friendships can never survive the fierce competition.

Why does she have to be the best?

Why cant she be HER own best?

What is the best anyway?

I pray for a day that girls/ladies will crash this narrative of ‘’ Mirror Mirror on the wall ‘’and that all of us will feel comfortable in our lane and truly support another sister-friend.

Because when we are strong and united , we achieve so much more together.

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