Some people say that Social Media is making them insecure  and want to leave platforms like Facebook and Instagram because they believe they can’t “keep up”  Social media has been linked to higher levels of loneliness, envy, anxiety, depression, friendships break ups, narcissism and decreased social skills.

Steve Furtick says “The reason we struggle with insecurity on Social Media is because we compare our behind-the-scenes with everyone else’s highlight reel.”

Let that sink in…



Are we missing the point as to why social media exists?

The whole purpose of social media is to be “social” and  interact and engage with like minds.  If you came to my house and saw my photobooks  you would see lots of photos of happy experiences unless of course you want to see the ones of burials, of which I only have a few. Everyone puts their best photos forward on Social Media just like their photobooks at home. Your experience should be fun, interactive and engaging.

When Facebook first came out everyone was just using it innocently to catch up with family and  friends but today some say it’s used to score points on who’s life is better.  I say each to their own. Nobody is forcing anyone to follow anyone and when you build strong inner confidence, it shouldnt matter anyway.

Before you consider leaving Social Media remember why you joined…


  • To keep in touch with family and friends around the world
  • To experience beautiful encounters both old and new
  • To learn and be educated
  • To exchange ideas with like minds
  • To celebrate others and be celebrated
  • To experience new places through friend’s photos
  • To experience other people’s point of view
  • To build business relationships and opportunities
  • To build strong networks with like minds
  • To be part of something bigger than ourselves through Social Sector networking
  • I could go on…


Instead of leaving Social media  why not practice “Social Media Self Care.”

Social media self care basically ensures you have positive experiences. The following points below can help.


I say

Follow those that make you smile

Follow those that give you a dose of inspiration

Follow those who share the same values as you

Follow those that appear genuine

Follow those that shine their spiritual light

Hope this helps someone!

Why not share your experiences of Social Media? Do you feel stressed by anyone else’s so called perfect life and want to leave?

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