It’s been a tough season for entrepreneurs.  Some  female entrepreneurs that I speak to are feeling helpless and overwhelmed about the direction of the world. I totally understand that feeling. There is so much information overload which creates a lot of overthinking.

Over the years I have been mindful of what I let into my thought life. So despite the noise and uncertainties, I stay centered by focusing on my vision of business success. I discovered a few powerful tools and techniques that if mastered effectively can produce amazing results for your business and personal life.

These are the secret weapons that I’ve been using for the past 5 years.


If you have read any of my ebooks, then you will know that I am a fan of visualization. Based on research, visualization helps you improve and develop your skills just as if you are actually doing it. Visualization causes you to reprogram your brain and it changes the network of the neurons in it. It sounds really techy doesn’t it? Well, it’s scientifically proven. I visualized a lot of business success even before it happened. For example, I visualized earning foreign currency last year and BOOM it happened and I haven’t looked back. I visualized becoming an author before my birthday in October and in this season of lockdown I’ve launched 4 ebooks.




The first time, I heard about Vision boards was from Jack Canfield, one of my favorite personal development guru’s. When I created my vision board, I hung it up in my room for almost a year with no visible outcome. That was because I wasn’t using it effectively. When I finally realized my error and started using it properly, the results were phenomenal. Every goal that I had created, has come to pass. So I am now in the process of creating more audacious goals. I am not waiting for the New Year.


So that brings me to my offer: This Covid19 season has taught us that you don’t have to wait for the beginning of the year to start creating your dreams and desires.

You can start now.

So I would like to invite you to an intimate Live Zoom session with me called ‘’How To Vizulize Yourself to Extraodinary Sucess with The Power Of Visualization and Vision Boards”

The coaching session was created with you in mind and it’s what peak performers, high achievers, tycoons and captains of industries use to achieve their goals. I will take you step by step on how to create your own vision board and the steps you need to make it a success.


It will take place on the 19th of September at 11 am WAT for an hour and a half and it promises to be interactive and engaging.

By the end of the coaching session, you will have the tools to create your own powerpacked vision board and master the power of visualization.

You will get over your limitations

Condense your thoughts and goals

Remind yourself of where you want to be

Be motivated to keep moving forward despite the pandemic

Sounds great!  Yes

Well, there’s more…


When you book the power-packed coaching session, you will gain immediate access to ONE of the power-packed modules from my NEW online course, the Ultimate Formula to Mastering Super Confidence, which I specifically created for female entrepreneurs. You can pick from any of the power-packed courses namely Sell & Serve, Marketing Like A Pro, Personal Branding With Confidence, Upgrade Your Networking, Be Fearless on Social Media & Present with Boldness. More details of each course and additional growth material is included in the course description.


Who I am? If you don’t know me already then let me tell you about who I am and who I serve. I am RiRi Okoye and for the past 6 years, I have been passionate about helping females build confidence in life, business, and motherhood.  I have trained female SMEs and spoken on behalf of banks such as Stanbic IBTC, Access Bank, and FCMB especially for their women empowerment projects. I also deliver my own High Impact business Growth workshops powered my Majestically Rare Events.

I am a certified Life Coach and member of Life Association of Coaches Nigeria.

I am the founder of the Raising Confidence Girls online movement, Course Creator of the Ultimate Formula to The Mastering Super Confidence, Event Director of the Confidence Revolution; A live event that takes place in London and Lagos and author of 4 ebooks on Building Confidence.

My mission is to empower 10,0000 upwardly mobile female entrepreneurs with the confidence to master essential business skills.

If you would like to attend this intimate virtual session plus your course its an investment  of N15,000 – $30

Click here to book COURSE & COACHING



and send proof of payment to me at

and I will let you in.

There’s a bunch of Queenpreneuers waiting for you inside.

Only a few slots available

I am dedicated to serving you


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