Nobody is responsible for your life. You are. If you are insecure, have low self-esteem, lack confidence or are co-dependent then you may find yourself in the hands of people who abuse you. This particular blog post is directed at adults. The only way others can abuse you, is if you give away your personal power. Think about it. If you are strong, assertive, bold and confident, no one can touch you. It’s a journey for most of us to arrive at this truth, so don’t feel too bad if this is you. Read this post and make the changes gradually. 

1.  You are too nice. You never say NO.
2.  You are compliant. You don’t question authority. You don’t make a fuss. You are very impressionable.
3.  You tend to make excuses for bad behaviour.
4.  You don’t question the status quo. You don’t want to rock the boat so you just keep quiet, even when you sense things are not right.
5.  You don’t really have a firm position on anything. You don’t have a strong character. Your boundaries are weak. You are afraid of upsetting others.
6.  You are a people pleaser. You aim to make others happy at the detriment of yourself. 

7.  You have a tendency to put yourself last in all situations. 
8. You put up with bad behaviour because you believe you don’t have a choice. But life is about choices. You have to differentiate between giving away your personal power or regaining it.


1.  You are still kind and sweet but you have strong boundaries. Boundaries are imaginary lines that people are not allowed to cross. It is not acceptable for others to think that you are available at their beck and call.
2.  Your compliance level is tightened. You are not going to be a person who says yes to everything.
3.  You start to see bad behaviour for what it is. You question whether such relationships are worth it.
4.  You stand up for yourself. It’s going to get ugly. You may have less friends because suddenly you’re not available for abuse or disrespect. 
5.  You start to develop a stronger sense of self and your confidence esculates.
6.   You discover who you are, what you stand for, what you will and wont tolerate
7.  You are still kind to people but you don’t please people at your detriment.
8.  You don’t put yourself last all the time. You have value too.
9.  You start to critically examine things. You don’t accept BS. You regain your confidence.

10. You accept responsibility for your life. You are not a victim.

If you do all of the above you will regain your power and your confidence will soar. And please don’t ever give it away again…ever.

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