I love my legs. They are nicely carved legs but that view of my legs was not always the case, especially not in Secondary school. I hid my legs! Imagine.
It all started when a popular girl in my school told me that I had big fat yams on my legs and I believed her. She asked me how I coped. It didn’t help that she had what I thought were nice legs, so I guess she was just protecting her title. Because of her opinion, I didn’t feel comfortable wearing shorts or skirts and it even affected me as an adult to some degree but thank God am I over it and I’m rocking my legs and laughing for believing her opinion over mine.
What lessons can we learn from my experience because there are always lessons?
Opinions of others are just opinions. They are not fact. Some people try and lord their opinions over you. You need a strong sense of self and who’s you are, to not let the opinions of others break you down. You are created in God’s likeness. To be honest, I was teased a lot growing up but I realise now that a lot of it was just plain envy.
It’s lovely when you get compliments but there is more to you than how you look. Your looks will fade away with time but what will never fade is your inner value. Build yourself from the inside out. Work on things that are not seen like your character and your belief system. So that even if you get teased about your appearance, you know that you are more than your looks.
Don’t spend your life being miserable for what others say about you. Rather be thankful for what you have. If there’s something about your body part that you don’t like, change your mindset and be grateful.  Some people don’t have legs, arms, eyesight etc. So be grateful for what you do have.

I hope this message is a new step for anyone who has believed another person’s opinion over theirs. Life is too short to not live your life fully. Break out from your limiting belief and start believing in yourself and your value. You are so worth it…. and if its your legs that you are ashamed of, go on your knees and thank God for making them in HIS image…. and no matter the shape, just rock them like I do.


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