If you’re on a journey of becoming the best version of yourself, here are 5 things to help you, get you going.

Ask yourself what is important?

Every morning make a list of 3 important things that you want to achieve in the day, that will make the largest impact.   This will ensure that you stay focused on your goals. For example, these were my important tasks and accomplishments yesterday:

  1. Completed a meeting report for client for an upcoming event.
  2. Managed to negotiate some further discounts for the event.
  3. Sorted issues with my internet provider and in the process gained a refund. (whoop whoop)


Let Go of what you cant control

You cant operate from the best version of yourself if you are always concerned about every thing that is going on in your life. You are just going to have to live and let live. You also have to let go of trying to have everything figured out. Recently, a business proposal that I put forward wasnt accepted. I was disappointed because I had prepared so hard and was excited about the opportunities but I had to let it go. It didnt happen but there were important lessons which I will use  in future proposals. Don’t sweat the small stuff! Ask yourself, will it matter in 10 days? 10 months? 10 years? If the answer is no then let it go.

Grow Daily

Push yourself to grow everyday. Learn something new. It could be a new marketing idea. A new sales technique. A new website feature. Read a new book. Listen to great speakers. Buy an online course. You will be amazed at how much  you can learn when you are intentional. Don’t be afraid of technology. Its really just trial and error. This year alone, I purchased a course on How to launch an online and I have taken 4 new courses with International Open Academy. Its all in an attempt to be the best version of myself and to be my best self.

Detox Regularly

Regularly detox your body, mind and soul. Appreciate quiet moments. As its coming to the end of the year,  anxiety can set in especially if you are hard on yourself for not achieving certain goals. I am very mindful about what I put into my mind. Dont be hard on yourself. Know that there is a season for everything.  Sometimes you even have to detox from social media.  If you’re in so many groups or you have so many apps you may want to take a detox. You cant possibly be the best version of yourself if you spend all your time on Social Media.

Be Confident

Finally to operate at the best version on yourself you have be confident. Confidence means a lot of things but it starts by loving and believing in who who you are and believing in your God given strengths and abilities. I would go as far to say that you should discover the child in you again and be a free spirit. Dont hold back. Laugh at life and laugh at yourself. It’s the best way to operate from the best version of yourself.

Recently I uploaded a video on how to feel comfortable with being you.  Its really worth watching. See link below

How to feel comfortable with you

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I am dedicated to your success

Love always RiRi

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