Agnes is staring at the wall.  ”Here we go again” ”Same old same old”.  She was frustrated with her job and felt that she was coasting through life with no purpose. The thought of going back to work depressed her. Agnes called me up slightly annoyed and said, ‘’RiRi it looks like you’ve found your purpose. You are so comfortable with yourself and so full of life’’.

I smiled and said ‘’YES’’ I have found purpose but it’s been a long drawn out life journey.

I explained to her  that for me, it came from a place of pain and sacrifice. And it was born out of a passion to make a difference and inspire lives.

I remember years ago being in a similar position to Agnes wondering if this was it. My life did not excite me. I just didnt feel fulfilled.

I said to her that finding purpose is the highest form of actualization.

”So how did you find your purpose” she said.

I said…

I searched inside of me.

I went on a journey of self reflection.

I dug deeper.

I fixed the puzzles of my life.

Its gives me great joy that I am now a Certified Life Coach which is in addition to my certification in Confidence Building.


As part of my Super Confidence series, I’ve put together a transformational course called How To Find Purpose

Benefits of taking this course

  • As you start to live your purpose you become a magnet for opportunities
  • You start to say yes to those opportunities that are aligned with your purpose and no to those that are not
  • You free up your life to focus on what brings you joy
  • You live a more healthy life, knowing that you are doing the things you are called to do
  • You know your “why” and you wake up everyday with so much vitality because you know your reason for existing

The Late Dr Myles Munroe once said that ”The greatest tragedy in life is not death but a life without a purpose”.

Sadly most people never find their purpose because they don’t take time out to discover it.

But those that invest in finding purpose are truly transformed.

”How to find purpose” is a transformational course which is a 4 part video series and a dynamic workbook which is full of deep meaningful questions and answers.

By the end of the course, you will come out feeling revitalized,, energized, focused and ready to lead a victorious and purpose driven life.

Normal Price N30,000. Exclusive Offer N9,995 in this Covid19 season

What this course includes

  • One-on-One Coaching
  • Downloadable Workbook
  • Downloadable Certificate of Participation
  • Instant Access, Anywhere, Anytime
  • Videos: Package Bite-Size series
  • Access on Mobile or Computer
  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Register for this transformational course at


Once you have registered I will be in touch on the other side.

Do contact me at for more information

I am dedicated to your success

Love RiRi

About RiRi Okoye

RiRi Okoye is a serial entrepreneur from Majestically Rare.  She is the founder of Raising Confident Girls, the creator of the High Impact Workshops, Confidence Revolution, ‘’Super Confidence; How to win that job or contract” and the creator of ”Re-ignite Super Confidence for entrepreneurs (online challenge)” and she is dedicated to inspiring confidence to her followers.

She is also a speaker and business trainer.



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