On Friday the 4th October, I delivered an interactive and engaging training for colleagues at Softcom Nigeria on Building a Personal brand and Business etiquette. The feedback was  positive and greatly appreciated. Participants  particularly enjoyed the interactive style of training which helped them think out of the box. I informed participants that Personal Branding is not about bragging or showing off, it’s about making your voice heard and sharing positive and valuable content.

In order to create a successful personal brand you have to be strategic and intentional.

Below are some questions to help you build your brand

  1. Your Identity: What do you want to be known for? Be intentional in describing who you are in all your communication and social media outlets.
  2. Your Purpose: What’s your ultimate reason for living? What’s your why? Focus on what matters to you and start to live it.
  3. Your Vision: What do you hope to achieve by fulfilling your purpose? Do you want to change lives or opinions or build something?
  4. Your Values:  What principles/ideas are you willing to live and die for? What really matters to you?
  5. Your Message: What ONE word or phrase best captures the essence of your existence (for me its LOVE)?  
  6. Your Story: What facts or personal experience about your life/past helped to define who you are today and what your purpose here on earth? Look back on your experiences, even the painful ones may lead you to purpose.
  7. Your Heroes: Who do you model your life after? Who do you aspire to be like and why?
  8. Your Expertise: What are your most valuable skills/talents/competencies?
  9. Your Profession: In what field/industry do you want to commit your life’s work?
  10. Your Results: What are your greatest accomplishments in life?
  11. Your Media: How do you intend to spread your message? Website, Podcasts, Live Shows, Social Media
  12. Your Legacy: When you die, what do you want to be remembered for? 


How was this exercise? Has it helped you in anyway? Let me know in the comment box below

Personal Branding is not just for entrepreneurs. Everyone should create and carve out their personal brand because when you do the benefits are amazing:

  • You’re the first person in the mind of your target audience
  • It creates your individuality in a crowded market place
  • You take control of how you are perceived
  • You can position yourself as the expert
  • You gain greater credibility with your target audience
  • You enjoy rewarding partnerships
  • It leads to local and global leadership opportunities

And much more

If you are interested in attending our  Personal Branding training with a full blue print to building your personal brand, please send me a message at rita@majesticallyrare.com

You will be notified when the next workshop is taking place.

Thank you for stopping by

With love RiRi

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