Most of my friends describe me as a fun loving happy soul  and I humbly agree but it wasn’t always that way. You see, Ive had seasons of highs and lows. When things were going really well for me I would be the happiest person to be around but when things were bad I was miserable. Can anyone relate to this? I tried to do everything I could to balance things out but it just wasn’t happening. I had to make a decision to be happy. In this article, taking a leaf from my life,  I will describe the things you can do to be happy irrespective of your circumstances. If any of them resonate with you, please share in comment box.


Sometime in early 2016, February 21st to be precise, my beloved father died suddenly in his sleep. He wasnt elderly. He wasnt frail. We joked about what the year would bring. He had a cold that week which was nothing life threatening but that night he went to sleep and never woke up. When I received the shocking news my life changed!  I was inconsolable. I wanted friends. I wanted my church family around me. I wanted prayers but everyone disappeared. It was just me and my immediate family. My extended family live abroad and my dad passed away there. I was  very sad until one day I just woke up and realized that my dad wouldn’t want this. He would want me to be happy. So I made a choice to be happy. You can do the same. You can decide to be happy.


Some people say I will be happy…

When I get married

When I have kids

When I have my baby boy

When I lose weight

When I travel the world

When I make my first million

But the problem is nobody knows tomorrow. Nobody knows how long they’ve got. My dad didn’t think he would not wake up on that unfortunate day. Don’t wait till tomorrow to be happy. Be happy today.


Are you giving life your best shot? Never be average.  Always be excellent. Be your best. That principle has helped me ride through life challenges  knowing I did my best. You can ask yourself the following and be honest.

Am I doing my best at work?

Am I doing my best to grow my business?

Am I doing my best to get customers?

Am I doing my best to be a good partner and friend?

Am I doing my best to be the best version of myself?

That’s all we can ask of ourselves, isn’t it?


Comparing yourself to others robs happiness.  I use to compare myself in the past which only caused misery. I remember when I first relocated to Lagos several years ago, I just felt that something had drastically  gone wrong in my life because all my peers were far ahead on the career ladder than I was.

I forgot to remind myself that I had taken a semi career break when I was having children so it was expected.

I forgot to remind myself that being in my children life in their early years was important to me and it was a choice I had made.


So lets move on. Do you need to declutter your life? That means emptying the things that are cluttering your life and head space.

I declutter regularly.

Our house is so minimalistic. We intentionally dont have curtains in our living space but there is so much light and peace.

I declutter my mind.

I  write down as much as I can in my journal.

It really frees your mind and adds to happiness.


And finally a lot of people try and build confidence externally. They buy a car, a house, get degrees upon degrees. And just keep doing things to make themselves feel happier but they find that those external things only lead to short term happiness. I should know. Ive pursued many things in life in the hope that it would give me constant happiness and complete me but it didn’t.

I even remember when my husband bought be a brand new Mercedes when we lived in the UK. I was so excited at first but after a few weeks of driving it, everything felt normal again.  I wondered why I wasn’t happy.

It was because I had not built my inner self. I had not put much value on the inner things.  Inner confidence is the belief that you matter regardless of what’s going on the outside.  The things that are important  to you are self worth, character, values, integrity, determination and resilience.

What if external things come crashing down and you lose those things that have defined you. Life happens you know.

That’s why it’s important to build inner confidence and that’s why I am so passionate about teaching others what I know. I am certified in Confidence Building by the International Open Academy so I am not just teaching what is in my head but what’s actually accredited.

On the 28th September I  am inviting you to the 4th Edition of the Confidence Revolution workshop. It’s a life changing and transformational experience.  The beauty of the workshop is that its extremely interactive and engaging. Delegates love that they get to act out some of the exercises in teams and network with other high achievers and take home life changing principles which can be applied in all areas of life.

Do you want to invest in yourself and be happy irrespective of your circumstances?

Do you need an explosive shift  before the end of the year?

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