For quite some time Ive become fascinated with the ‘’Law of Attraction’’ which simply states that we attract into our lives whatever we are focusing on. I believe that it points to the scripture which says ‘’ As a man thinketh so he is’’ (Proverbs 23:7). Previously, I would allow my negative thoughts get the better of me; but I wanted to find, a better way to control my thoughts, so that they don’t control me. Since I started applying some of tactics from the Law, I have a more fulfilling and content life. It’s about taking absolute control of your thought life.
So these are some of the practical steps that I do on a daily basis that help me attract what I desire. I hope you find them useful.
06:00 Visualize

In the morning, after my quiet time, I take a moment to visualise the day’s events unfolding in a positive way. My vision board is located strategically in my bedroom. I actually have two vision boards. Everything that I want to achieve for the year is on that board. I visualize myself achieving them. 
06:10 Focus On Your Goals
At the beginning of the year, like many of you, I wrote down many goals. On a daily basis I review them and I choose at least one tactic that I want to accomplish for the day that will help me get closer to my goals. This strategy is more effective and stops me from feeling overwhelmed by so many goals.
06:30 Practice Affirmations
There is real power in affirmations and I recite both spiritual and career ones to myself.  By the end of my affirmations, I feel really positive and ready to take charge of my day. I can certainly see a lot of those affirmations unfolding in my life and I smile.
07:00 Discuss Your Plans
Find a small circle of friends or loved ones and share your plans. It helps you to be accountable. I love my small circle of trusted sister friends. In addition, if you have a journal write your plans down and be accountable.
07:30 Random Acts of Kindness
Be intentional in being kind because kindness always come back. What does this look like? Compliment someone, share someone’s post, and offer to help someone else. Say something nice.Going the extra mile to be kind really does have a lot of benefits for your overall well being as well as others. It certainly helps me. I choose to be kind.
08:00 Spread Positive Energy
I try and spread as much positive energy by focusing on the good things that are happening in my life or in the world. I do have challenges like everyone else but I choose not to wallow in them but rather I choose to be positive. I am intentional with what I share on social media: My intention is always too share love, peace and hope.
12:00 Be Kind to Yourself
At lunchtime, try and do one random act of kindness for yourself. What does this look like? Rest at lunchtime. You deserve to rest. Have a healthy lunch. Take a walk. Have a chocolate (Not everyday lol). Buy yourself something nice. Accept a compliment.
18:00: Reflect on Your Day
Hopefully you’ve closed down now for the day. This is the time to unwind with your family or close circle and talk about the things you enjoyed or goals you achieved.
21:00  Quiet Time
Find a quiet place to mediate, pray and be thankful for the day.
22:00 Gratitude Before Bedtime
Before you sleep write down at least one thing you are grateful for. This also keeps nightmares and restless thoughts away. 

So that is it from me. These are some of the tips I use to help me attract what I really want. How about you? Have you used the law of attraction to get what you want? Did it work for you?


Thanks for stopping by and please feel free to share with others that may benefit.

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