We all have areas of confidence that we would like to master and be the best at and mine was in business. In the beginning closing a sale was a challenge. Cold calling prospects was avoided and if I got a NO I would move on swiftly.  And that wasnt all. The thought of asking a question at a large networking event was virtually impossible for me.  I was so bothered about what others thought.  My lack of confidence in projecting myself as a competent entrepreneur was affecting my business growth.  I knew the value our business could bring to potential clients but speaking up confidently and selling my ideas, especially in person was a struggle.


Things had to change. I had to take responsibility for what was happening to me especially as my business was not generating enough revenue to upscale. I had to go on a journey to improve and build my confidence in business. I invested in training, books, conferences, networking groups and a business coach. I had to develop assertiveness skills, work on my image and my posture.  I had to build confidence. I had to power up. 


With this new found confidence things started to change for my business and my personal brand

  • Our business revenues tripled literally
  • We started doing business with banks and corporates
  • I was able to say NO to negotiations that didn’t make business sense
  • Opportunities to write articles for national newspapers
  • Opportunities to speak on large platform
  • Opportunities to help others get to where I am


Just recently I was invited to pitch our Event business to a room full of executives. There were about 20 of them. I delivered my presentation confidently. I answered their questions and we got the contract. A few years ago I wouldnt have been able to do so.

I know what I bring to the table as a highly skilled international event planner and business trainer. I walk in confidence and get paid well from my ideal clients. If you are an entrepreneur, I hope you can confidently speak up and sell your products or services confidently.  If you are an employee, I hope you have a voice in your company and are being paid your worth. Confidence is everything.


I know some of you have theses challenges that I’ve described in my journey and what is needed is a huge dose of confidence building and just like me you will be successful in business. I will be talking  a lot more about my journey and sharing the key principles and actions steps that got me to where I am which is High Confidence and  clients that pay for my value and refer our services to others. Spaces are filling up for our High Impact Confident Growth Workshop which is taking place on March 16th. It’s a practical and interactive workshop where you will engage with other high achievers to gain improved and high confidence.  Don’t wait to the last minute to book! Once we are full, we are full.


It’s happening at V8  Lekki phase 1, Lagos



N20,000 to Majestically Rare Limited, STANBIC Bank IBTC 0018423605

Click link to pay


N15,000 for two or more persons

Register at   include name, number of person, contact number and receipt of payment


‘I really enjoyed the presentation style. It was very engaging, the brain storming sessions really created a collaborative environment. Throughout the workshop my creative juices were flowing with different ideas on how to do things differently”

”The delivery was captivating and engaging. It made me think beyond my current role and visualize how to implement an idea”

”Mrs Okoye of Majestically Rare, is an articulate and thorough facilitator with a marked passion for what she does. She dots her i’s and crosses her t’s when it comes to her delivery and presentations. I have no hesitation in recommending RiRi because I know that what she promise’s, she can and indeed will deliver. ”


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