Throughout my adult years I have been to enough workshops and seminars to know what works and what doesn’t work for an adult audience. In my earlier career before relocating to Lagos Nigeria, I spent 8 years at the BBC, which laid the foundation for designing workshops that are engaging and creative. On the 16th March , participants came from different parts of Lagos and they were expectant and excited, especially because there was a huge buzz about the Confidence Revolution Workshop. The participants were not disappointed.  The workshop was geared towards high achievers who wish to master the skill of Confidence in all areas of life.

The participants appreciated the rich course content which included:

  • Defining Confidence
  • Exploring Inner Confidence: Self Love, Self-Knowledge, Goal Setting, Positive Thinking
  • Barriers to Confidence: Fear and Rejection
  • Excelling in Outward Confidence: Communication, Assertiveness, Presentation and Emotional Control
  • Mastering Confidence
  • The Group Challenge

The feedback from delegates made it really worth it…

‘’ There wasn’t a dull moment, it was inspiring, engaging, interactive, entertaining,
It was an eye opener and a push for the next quarter of the year.
I am so running with everything I learnt today.
Thank you’’

‘’It was really enlightening and informative. I enjoyed every moment with the other participates. It’s great to continuously be in a learning environment. You never know what experience or nuggets one may garner.’’

‘’ I really appreciated the opportunity to be part of your workshop. It opened my eyes to a whole lot of things I thought I knew. Please do let me know when next the program comes up. It’s one workshop I would love to recommend to so many people. I’m developing a different mindset, a million thanks to you’’

‘’I really wasn’t sure what more I could learn about confidence. I was pleasantly surprised.’’

This event was powered by  MAJESTICALLY RARE EVENTS

The next High Impact Confidence Workshop is scheduled for June 15th. If you wish to attend kindly send an email to



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