I am coming down from our first Raising Confidence Girls (RCG) conference and I’m reflecting. When this movement started in 2014 my confidence was shaken. I was broken-hearted from certain things that were going on in my life. 
I was getting attacks left, right and everywhere. 
My  daughter was 14 at the time and I thought if I am not confident, how the heck am I going to raise a confident girl?
So on September 15, 2014, I decided to form a group called ‘’Raising Confident Girls’’ which has now evolved into the NGO and today; and is phenomenal.
We can ask God to use our pain for purpose. I prayed to God and asked him 
1. To deliver me from that pain
2. To turn my pain into glory.
4. To turn my pain into something positive.
4. And HE did.
And now 4 years later I am back to being my confident self. I have my ups and downs like everyone else but I am definitely not where I use to be in 2014
You have to know your value. 
You have to know who’s you are. 
Confidence has to come from within.
You stand up for yourself even if it means standing alone.
Certificates are great BUT they dont complete you
It’s not about the accolades.
It’s not about what you do or titles.
It’s not about the bags or hair that you rock.
Its not based on your looks or how slim your waist is.
Or the area of town that you live in.
Your real confidence is your inner value and believing in yourself even when others don’t.

I have come to realize that there is a clear difference between inner confidence and outer confidence. Inner confidence does not grow from material wealth, corporate success or our ability to speak in public. Otherwise there wouldnt be so many successful people seeking therapy. Its not nurtured by who ”sees” us or the image we have built around ourselves. It can only come from deep inside of you; and how deeply you know, believe and accept yourself, what you are willing to accept from others (or not) and your ability to stay strong in your unshakable truth. That’s inner confidence.
In addition you have to believe that you are a UNIQUE, INCREDIBLE, HUMAN BEING just like everyone else
And that you can gain access to anything to desire and then work your damn hardest on your gifts to offer value to the world. So I now stand in 2018 to say yes I am confident because I believe in my value.

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RiRi is a dedicated Events & Marketing Experts/ trainer who is passionate about serving clients at Majestically Rare to the highest standards. Only the best will do. She is also the founder of Raising Confident Girls Initiative with a clear vision: A world where every girl is confident. 



  1. This is a a really great post ma. It's funny how many of us seek confident in external things when we're supposed to look for confidence inside of us and have a greater understanding of why we're here. I for one have confidence due to my knowledge of God and a great understanding that He wouldn't let me down. That alone assures me greatly.

    Thanks a lot for this post ma'am.

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