This weekend reminded me of the value of friendship. I was away in Norwich a lovely rural part of England, celebrating with dear friends, Ike and Linda. I was grateful to be among solid friends.  Some people say that their trusted friends are those that they have known since childhood but I believe that you can meet great friends at any stage in your life as long as you are open and willing to give and take in the relationship.  
Seedtime and Harvest Time

As long as the earth remains they shall be seed time and harvest. Great friends love you in all seasons.  They love you whether you are up or whether you are down. Whether you are going through a boom or whether you are going through a drought. Great friends are there for life. 

Only the Best will do

My company, Majestically Rare’s tag line is ‘’Ónly the Best will do’’ and great friends want only the best for you. They are non-competitive.  They celebrate all that you do. They are solid in their own purpose. They know ultimately, that our purpose is for God, not ourselves.


Pure Advice
Sometimes a great a friend will give you advice only from a place of protection and concern over your emotional well-being.  Only a great friend can tell you if your breath smells lol. They are honest with you and will never hold back anything from you, especially where your best interest is concerned. They are willing to lose you sometimes, just for you to see the light.
Pray Together
Friends that pray together, stay together. Great friends pray with you and for you. This weekend during a visit to Norwich to celebrate with great friends, Ike and Linda, during the prayers I shed a tear because I realised this important factor was the key to making our friendship solid and long lasting. It’s the God factor.
Love At All Times
Great friends, appreciate, celebrate and love you fiercely.  This holiday is a reminder of the importance of great friends. It’s been great catching up with great friends and I look forward to catching up with more of them.  

I want to appreciate all my great friends, the old, the new and the one’s that I am getting to know. I am grateful to have you in my life.
Whoop whoop to great friends

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