Recently, I had a conversation with a relative about the importance of enemies in our life journey and it reminded me of a conversation I had years back with a friend. I think the dialogue is still useful today and worth reading especially if you are feeling challenged with enemy attacks. Also pay attention to the quotes in the blog post because there is wisdom in them.

Breaking News: Your enemies play a key role in your journey to greatness! Their job is to challenge you to bring out the best (not the worst) in you without even knowing it! Look out for them, but don’t hate them. In fact, you must love them for greatness to be revealed in you! Author – Alex Ihama

Friend  –  I didn’t say this! But I agree. Totally.

RiRi – Very interesting, the Word says to love your enemies and pray for those that despise you. I’ve always found this verse challenging but it has wisdom. It’s still challenging but its the people that despise me that have challenged me to do my absolute best. So I can see what Mr Alex’s means hmmmm

Friend – I agree. Me, I love and thrive in enemy territory. If you can’t survive enemy attacks, better remain part of the cult of mediocrity or the mediocre majority with their boring ordinariness.. Anyone who will stand out and be counted, will incur serious daggers. We must Embrace it, learn to dance with it as the Spirit gives us wisdom. It’s not personal. It’s part of the journey of purpose.

RiRi – You said anyone who will stand out and be counted, will incur serious daggers – why is that? Why the daggers, help me understand. Why does it have to be part of the journey? What if you like peace?

Friend – If you like peace, join the cult of mediocrity. Did Jesus have peace? He had tribulation. Anytime you change status quo, you are in trouble. That’s why many are afraid of success cos it will make them susceptible to daggers and from close quarters too…..many want to be popular. Many want to be liked. Many want peace. And therefore never make the journey to attaining greatness. Greatness is the opposite. It will attract its share of attacks, jealousy, lies and innuendos. Welcome to greatness. Welcome to the X factor.

RiRi  – WOW Profound! Get thee behind me peace. Well you can stay over at my house but when I step out your gonna have to hide yourself lol. Greatness you’ve been with me all my life but I just didn’t understand it lol!

This next day via email

RiRi –I’ve been pondering on your status. I’ve had daggers literally all my life. So your message was rather profound. I’ve always stood out and irritated a few people but in the past I’ve been apologetic for it or wondered what I was doing wrong. That I should dance with it and embrace it as part of my journey is very profound for me.

Friend  – This is the real world.  Of course if you are going to amount to much especially be outstanding you will piss and rub people wrong.  Why? Cos when they look at you glowing and shining, it reminds them of their deficiency.  Instead of trying to see and learn what makes you glow or stand out, they jibe at you, throw daggers, or worse especially with social media , disguise their enmity through lols and veiled sarcasm.

Ive learnt though that love does conquer even the worst critics. Another thing that conquers them is overwhelming success.  But alas, you can only have this when your heart remains pure and you don’t repay evil with evil or get too focused on naysayers. I say, stay focused on the journey to purpose. Stay focused on living victoriously and fully. Grateful for the loving and few supportive people you have.The glass is truly half full! Life is too beautiful to be distracted. Have a fab day and remember to shine.

So that was the end of the discussion

Here are some key lessons

  1. Your enemies play a key role in your journey to greatness
  2. If you can’t survive enemy attacks remain in the mediocre majority
  3. If you are going to stand out and be outstanding you will piss and rub some people wrongly
  4. Stay focused on your purpose
  5. As believers, we are to love our enemies and pray for those who despise us – this is a test of real faith

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