As an event planner who has worked with various event vendors in Lagos for the past 10 years, I have seen all sorts. I have worked with caterers who display the highest international standards of service. But I have also encountered some unpleasant experiences.

I am here to offer free excellence tips based on my local and international events experience which has stemmed over 2 decades (Since 1997 to be precise). If you know a caterer please share this blog post. This free advice may triple their business and save them from closing down. This might also interest you if you engage caterers for events. 


When it comes to large events whether corporate or social,  leave off engaging caterers that cook for family functions like small house parties or kiddies birthday parties. Such vendors cannot handle professional or classy events unless they have been professionally trained.


It’s not just about cooking food. Most of these caterers cook amazing food but their professionalism is much to be desired. The worst thing an event planner is faced with, is working with caterers that are not professional. Sometimes this cannot be helped because the client insists on using their own caterer because of the huge discount offered or their family relationship. But be warned, if you insist on using non-professionals, they can be your worst nightmare and can spoil the entire event.


Here are some excellence tips
Be Adaptable
The Customer is king no matter which way you want to look at it. They pay your bills and keep you in business. A corporate or social event is not the place to be quarreling with a client or threatening to walk out.  If the client is upset, listen to the complaint. Allow the client to rant and then offer a solution. Don’t be inflexible and say ‘’ We cant’’. Rather say, ‘’We will see what we can do’’. Adaptability is one of the essential pillars of excellence. So be ready for change.
Integrity Matters
Don’t over promise and under deliver. This applies to servers and waiters. It spoils the service experience. Come with enough servers to cope with the guests you have been engaged for. Make sure the food the client has paid is delivered. Dont cut corners to make short wins. High standards of excellence leads to business growth.



Provide Excellent Tablewear
Everything that your client and their guests see puts your reputation at stake. If you provide nice food but your tablewear is below standard it will put your catering brand in a bad light. Build your reputation on becoming known for doing at least one thing extremely well. That could be providing the best tablewear.


Professional Grooming
Make sure your staff both waiters and servers are well groomed before serving and supplying food at an event. Their uniforms should be cleaned and ironed. Have a supply of deodorant and sprays on standby if need be. Make sure they have the WOW look of excellence. 


Business Etiquette


Make sure staff display the highest levels of etiquette.  Remind staff to say Please, Thank you, Excuse Me and Sorry.  In addition, they must ask  guests if they have finished eating before they take their plates away. Excellence with manners goes a long way.




Service With A Smile 


Make sure staff smile and are courteous to guests at all times. Smiling keeps the guests at ease and makes them feel happy and content. 




Customer Service


Make sure customer service is excellent. Exceed their expectations by anticipating their needs. You are guaranteed to get more work. Always log and learn lessons from each event that you are part of. This is the secret to improving excellence. Be the kind of caterer that event planners want to work with and clients want to engage.
Avoid employing hot headed staff who do not take correction, cant control their temper or who are quarrelsome.

Have a mantra for service. And share with your staff. 
Go The Extra Mile
Make sure you and your staff go all out to delight and surprise the client with excellent standards. This will keep you memorable

Thanks for stopping by to read this blog post. What has been your experience with caterers and do you have additional advice? Please free to share.

About Author

RiRi is a dedicated Events planner, personal development trainer and speaker who is passionate about serving clients at Majestically Rare to the highest standards. Only the best will do. She is also the founder of Raising Confident Girls Initiative with a clear vision: A world where every girl is confident.  






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