Today was an interesting, interactive and informative seminar about Dismantling False or Limiting Beliefs with Taiye Aluko. 
I was a guest speaker and spoke about my journey of getting rid of limiting beliefs, which subsequently birthed the movement ”Raising Confident Girls Initiative’‘. 

Taiye started the session by asking some imperative questions. Here are just some of the questions that she asked. What is belief? What is your standard of measure? What are your limiting beliefs? Whose standard did you use to arriving at a limiting belief that holds you back?  

Here are some limiting beliefs that she shared
I am too old
I am not qualified
I am not good enough
I don’t have what it takes
I am not an expert
There are no good men out there
People will disrespect me because I am a women
People are not to be trusted
Men cannot stay faithful with one woman
Domestic staff cannot be trusted
Nothing good can come out of Nigeria
Nigeria is doomed
Nigerians are no good
Nigeria can never get better
Practical Steps to Dismantling Limiting Beliefs
In an interview style, I shared my journey with Taiye. In summary, there was a season when I soaked myself in limiting beliefs which stemmed from childhood and resurfaced in adulthood. Healing came when I was able to identify the limiting beliefs and take practical steps to change it. 

What practical steps did I take to get rid of my limiting beliefs? 

Firstly, I had to be totally honest with myself and identify my limiting beliefs and pray for guidance. Then I soaked myself in positive information which helped get rid of those limited beliefs. I read books like Success Principles, Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway just to mention a few. I watched inspirational videos. I created affirmations and picked out Bible passages that confirmed by new beliefs. I created a vision board. I attended motivational seminars and events. 
I started writing blogs and teaching girls about confidence. I sought deep meaningful relationships with people that shared similar values and similar beliefs. As I took baby steps, slowly those old limited beliefs disappeared and a solid belief system appeared. In 2014 Raising Confident Girls and purpose was birthed.

So today when Taiye asked us to fill a list of belief statements. I confidently ticked the following and added some more of my own.

I am responsible for my choices and outcomes
I am valuable 
I can be the best at whatever I set out to do
I have what it takes to achieve my goals
I am confident
I am a gift to the world 
I am awesome 
I matter

and so do YOU

Lessons Learned from Taiye’s seminar
* If you accept a limiting belief then it will become true for you.
* What you believe will speak to your ability and your ability will speak to your behaviour.
* You cannot begin a journey of purpose until you dismantle limiting beliefs.
* You must challenge your belief system 
* Replace old limiting truths with new truths
* Make new positive truths
So that’s it from me. Did you have limiting beliefs? What steps did you take to get rid of them?
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  1. Absolutely love the way you captured this Riri. I took away so many nuggets from your story and so did many of the participants. Thanks for always sharing.

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