I use to think confidence was just about being loud and being an extrovert but that’s just a personality trait. Confidence is an inside job which requires a regular review of one’s mindset. A lot of things changed for me once I understood that.  I didn’t have to be someone that I am  not. I didn’t have to compare my life to anyone else’s. My contentment and gratitude increased. A level of calmness appeared in my life that you just can’t pay for. And externally my earnings tripled and I started getting opportunities that I would never believe possible. That’s why I have come up with an interactive and engaging workshop titled “The Confidence Revolution”. 

It’s going to change way you think about confidence and give you the tools to live your best life from the inside out!

The Confidence Revolution Workshop is coming to London on 22nd June from 2.00pm to 6.00pm.
It’s a truly transformational and inspiring workshop for high achievers who want to find new levels of reaching the top of their game, through tried and tested confidence techniques. It’s a truly practical and interactive workshop with technological apps to assist us with the practical exercises. It cost only £25 and will include refreshments. (Real value is £250 so a huge discount )

Venue is  DUGDALE CENTRE North London

Course Outline

In this highly creative, practical and engaging workshop you will discover.

  • The Theory And Practice Of Confidence
  • Practical Tools To Finding Purpose
  • Simple Techniques to Overcome Any Fear
  • How to Reprogram Your Subconscious Mind
  • Understand Affirmation Principles
  • Personal responsibility and The Law Of Attraction
  • The Value Of Choice
  • Learned Optimism
  • The Power Of Gratitude
  • Staying Confident Through Any Storm
  • The Ultimate Act Of Confidence


Refreshments will be served

By the end of the workshop you will gain clarity and understanding on how to achieve inner confidence. You will discover an increased sense of self awareness and compassion about yourself and others. You will learn how to face your fears and develop resilience to face life challenges. You will be more comfortable in your own skin, more accepting of yourself and others. Come along to The Confidence Revolution workshop which is exceptionally practical and interactive. You will leave with life principles and actionable guidelines to keep your confidence solid, no matter the external challenges you face.

I am an international certified confidence trainer (IOA/ICOES Certified ). So you will be getting professional training techniques from me that will assist you with achieving great results.

Ways to PAY

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Spaces are limited! and going fast

What delegates say about our workshop

’ There wasn’t a dull moment, it was inspiring, engaging, interactive, entertaining,
It was an eye opener and a push for the next quarter of the year.
I am so running with everything I learnt today.
Thank you’’

‘’It was really enlightening and informative. I enjoyed every moment with the other participates. It’s great to continuously be in a learning environment. You never know what experience or nuggets one may garner.’’

‘’ I really appreciated the opportunity to be part of your workshop. It opened my eyes to a whole lot of things I thought I knew. Please do let me know when next the program comes up. It’s one workshop I would love to recommend to so many people. I’m developing a different mindset, a million thanks to you’’

‘’I really wasn’t sure what more I could learn about confidence. I was pleasantly surprised.’’

Once paid please send email confirmation to ritaokoyeis@gmail.com

P/S This Workshop is not for those who want to remain average and live a life with limiting beliefs.

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