On Saturday 22 June, everything about the Confidence Revolution Workshop which took place in North London, turned out perfectly, including the weather.  It was great to host and facilitate this event to high achievers and share success stories, principles and techniques that can literally change the course of their life for the better and I learnt a few things too. It was really incredible. I had to pinch myself on a few occasions to make sure I wasn’t dreaming because what started as a thought turned into reality.

Participants didn’t want the Confidence Revolution to end. They would have liked it to run for two days just because they enjoyed everything about it especially the interaction, engagement and bonding. 

After hosting two Confidence Revolution workshops in Lagos and this one in London,  one thing is clear,  the challenges of building confidence is universal but when you build your confidence from the inside out you become unstoppable. 

Thanks to everyone who showed up or supported this event. I truly appreciate all of you. 

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Here’s feedback from some of the  participants 

It was lovely to meet and talk with some of you. Had a lovely time yesterday. Very insightful and lots of tools taken away. Started implementing them straight away… Done my affirmations. Bought a new book by Jack Canfield, and plan to start on my vision board. Also sat my older 2 for 2 hrs yesterday lol and gave them a summary. We all now have a confidence goal each to work on.  Lastly, wrote down action strategies till the end of the year…and reflecting on areas where I need to   Increase my self worth… (Eunice) 

This workshop was not just beneficial but also insightful. Every bit of it affected all areas of my life . Thank you RiRi for this opportunity. What stood out to me is to be a Girl with a mind, a Woman with attitude and a lady. (Adanna)

I highly recommend RiRi Okoye ‘s Confidence Revolution workshop for all ages… male and female… It’s a fantastic experience.. Confidence and myself  have never been bedfellows, so I was looking forward to this workshop… I was not disappointed… Wished  that it was a full day’s  programme… I left really feeling renewed and equipped. Ready to dust off and re-analyse my goals  & values, the steps I need to put in place and execute to realise them. The vibe among the attendees was fantastic… We were open and  shared….we laughed..and encouraged… We were challenged  to challenge  ourselves in terms of mindset, our choice  of language,  what we feed minds with….how we value ourselves…. and each other… Take home… Confidence is dynamic..contagious .and is do-able. . …(Carol)

I thought it will be bored but Nooo!!! It was fully popping  and loaded with brilliant discussions and carefully mapped out brainstorming conversations. My confidence bar really elevated yesterday and it can only get better.  Well done RiRi Okoye, you did a good job, (Stella}

The Confidence Revolution Workshop was engaging, insightful and not a dull moment. Thoroughly enjoyed myself. Meet some awesome, interesting ladies. Went away a better me. RiRi Okoye well done! (Ngozi)

It was truly informative and loads of fun. Well done RiRi Okoye  (Angela)

Well done RiRi for an amazing presentation. Everyone engaged very well! (Gloria)

RiRi thank you so much and very well done for the workshop you put together. It was also great to meet so many wonderful women in this gathering . (Ozi)

Thank you sis for a wonderful workshop yesterday. You certainly gave me food for thought.(Nina)

Really was an excellent event Rita, I learned so much! Will be getting the Jack Canfield book for my summer reading. (Chioma)

It was a pleasure…Really gave me food for thought. Lovely seeing you. Made me realise that I’d let some goals slip by…and got into a rut. Re-awakened me. Anonymous 

Very well done Riri Okoye. A great workshop put together that gets you resetting your mindset and gets you inspired/ re-inspired with attitudes and goals you have to life in general. Oh I will have to add a great opportunity to meet and network with a diverse set of people bringing with them true life experiences that will both school and challenge you in very positive ways .When this comes to your location wherever you are in the world i would recommend highly to attend. Looking forward to part 2…(Ozi)

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