What is the Confidence Revolution?

The Confidence Revolution is a live transformational event for anyone of any age with an interest in reaching their full potential. No matter your gender, age, or career, there is always room to improve yourself and your life. The best way is through upgrading your confidence levels.

Why was the Confidence Revolution set up? 

It was set up after the positive confident changes that occurred in my personal and business life journey using proven confident techniques and success principles. The changes were quite obvious and my network kept asking where this new level of confidence was coming from.  I also became internationally certified in Confidence which just reaffirmed all the knowledge I gained from soul searching. A friend encouraged me to go ahead and deliver the workshops for adults especially as she has been on several other business and personal development workshops that I had delivered, so I did.

What are the benefits of attending the Confidence Revolution Workshop?

You will learn confidence techniques that will help you become the best version of yourself. You will gain more knowledge on how to improve confidence in any area and you will network with like minds to enrich your thinking and have fun while learning.

Who is this experience for?

It is for high achievers who want to gain more, by using tried and tested confidence and success tools.

What is unique about Confidence Revolution?

The Confidence Revolution focuses on the total transformation of ones mind starting from the inside. It’s a practical workshop which allows you to dig deeper into your core values and principles.  There’s also an aftercare support network to keep participants motivated with their confidence goals.

When do you run these workshops?

For now, typically every  month at different locations in Lagos and London.

What has the feedback been like?  Read a few testimonials below:

 ‘’It’s a life changing experience for me. This Confidence Revolution class became critical because many see me as confident but I had some aspects of my life that I was not so confident to handle. I realize that your confidence level changes at different phases of life too therefore it is worth knowing my state and learning how to improve. I wasnt bored for a second. Great investment. This is the first training am attending without sleeping off. I get bored easily but this was different. Will definitely spread the word around.’’

‘’ I never knew that attaining confidence in different aspects of your lives at different stages in your life has to be intentional…Riri showed us how to do. I am so excited that I was a part of this and will show some love by telling friends to attend the next edition. Riri you are changing lives!!! Thank you’’

‘’ I really appreciated the opportunity to be part of your workshop. It opened my eyes to a whole lot of things I thought I knew. Please do let me know when next the program comes up. It’s one workshop I would love to recommend to so many people. I’m developing a different mindset, a million thanks to you’’

What would you say to people that say they are already have confidence and are hesitant about gaining this experience?

Confidence is a journey and not a destination and I am yet to meet a person who is confident at everything. Be open to new learning because you never know what you might learn that can add value to your life.

How can people find out dates for the next workshop?

The Confidence Revolution Workshop is in Lagos, 20 July 2019

Life Investment: Earlybird N20k till 20 June then normal price N25k

Please pay  Majestically Rare Limited, Stanbic Bank, 0018423605

Once payment made kindly send email to


London, November 2019. Exact date to be communicated soon

Media News ”Watch RiRi Okoye on Ben TV,  June 20th at 6.15 Sky 175 talking about the Confidence Revolution in London”











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