I attended a much needed Nigerian Events Industry Conference powered and organised by Associations of Professional Party Organizers and Event Managers of Nigeria (APPOEMN). The theme was Collaborations.
We learned that the key to collaborations is Trust and under that umbrella are the following


Competence – can you do the work?
Sincerity – are you honest?
Reliable – can you show up on time?
Compassion – do you care?
I plan to join this organisation as I believe it’s a much needed support for all event suppliers in the industry. 
Here’s a summary of my notes
By Nelly Agbogu @NaijaBrandChick
She spoke about Event Branding and in particular about Instagram where she dominates. I have to admit that I was a late player to Instagram mainly because I didn’t believe that my target audience were there but I have noticed that my target audience age bracket are joining slowly. Wave if you’re one of them. (she smiles)
If you are an Event Supplier you should be on Instagram showcasing your brand. Show the journey; behind the scenes and how you finally executed your event or service product from start to finish.
Times have changed rapidly and consumers want to do business with people they know, like and trust. You have to show your personality on IG.
A good strategy is to comment on other people’s page because it helps you get noticed especially if you share something of value. If someone shows interest in your brand and likes your page, go to private chat and welcome them to your page. Make sure you end with a question. ” So how can I help further with your event? ”
By Ferdinand M Ibezim
What is Business Social Networking?
It is getting known by those who you can help build your career business and life
It is creating momentum towards business and career successes
It is building a people source bank
It is working with business contacts and turning into customers and friends
I invested in a signed copy of his book titled the XYZ of Business and Social Networking. So far so great.
By Christine Ogbel: @TheWeddingGuru
Event architects should gain inspiration from magazines and furniture shops.
Open a folder of inspirations.
If you don’t have an event, go and look at event hall setup by other planners but do get their permission. Its only polite.
Visit local markets and find materials especially building materials
Reinvest in your business
Don’t copy but create your version and signature
Experiment! Experiment! Experiment!
By Funke Bucknor from Zapphaire Events

She posed some critical questions to all business owners in the event industry

Why are you in business?
Why are you an event planner? If you know the why it will keep you afloat.
What is the vision for your business?
What is the mission?
What makes you different?
What is different about your brand?
Can your target audience tell your signature?
What is the voice of your brand online?
She went on to say in this new age, you have to reinvent your brand to stay relevant.
Look for what customers are looking for
Anticipate the customers
Provide your personal touch and experience
Make sure your work is excellent
Think out of the box in fact break the box
Start small but think global
Remind family members of your trade
Do events for family and friends
Market Market Market your business

There was plenty of opportunity for Q&A

Hope these notes proved useful.


Please remember that Majestically Rare are your dedicated Event Planners and Business Trainers. 

Our approach to Event Planning is from an International perspective. Our roots come from managing events for world class brands like the BBC and Financial Times. In Nigeria, we have managed corporate events and training for brands like MTN, IHS Towers, Stanbic IBTC and Diamond Bank,  Zenith Bank, ACAN just to mention a few. 

We always approach our clients individually and think out of the box because we recognize that one size does not fit all. We are passionate about what we do and always explore cutting edge ways to delight our clients, through detailed consultation and superior customer care. 

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We always get great feedback. One participant said, ”Throughout the workshop my creative juices were flowing with different ideas on how to grow my business and do things differently.” 
Hope to you see you there if you’re serious about growing your business.
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