Today I was looking at a photo of JLO and thought if I’m ever going to have those kind of abs at 50 years of age then, I’m going to have to stay away from desserts.

But the truth is, I’m unashamedly love desserts.

My husband introduced the love of desserts to me over 20 years ago and since then we have been enjoying some of the most delicious, finger licking, mind blowing and scrumptious desserts in the universe.  But we are not the only ones who love desserts. The same can be said for a few of my event clients that insist on having a variety  of dessert options at their parties and corporate events.

Who am I to refuse? 

So let’s look at some favorite dessert options 

Chocolate Brownies 

Can the chocolate dessert lovers please say hi? Chocolate brownies are delicious. Its the type of dessert that can leave you fully satisfied at an event.  Add icecream and you are in Heaven. My clients love this option at events. I would recommend this type of dessert at an intimate gathering.  It’s simply the best.

Strawberry Waffle

Don’t be fooled by this dessert. It might look healthy because of the strawberries but this is a seriously tasty and dripped with honey or maple syrup. It’s also one one my favorites to look out for at parties just because I dont feel so guilty when I am eating strawberries. This is a luxury option to eat at events. Many premium hotels in Lagos have this option. 


Icecream and waffles are a match made at parties. Some of my favorite brands like Hans & Renne serve icecream at events. ID remember your 50th (wink). Icecreams are an affordable option at parties 


If you don’t want tempting desserts that are packed with calories then you might want to opt for the healthier ones. I notice that my mature clients opt for fruits especially for health reasons. I was a planner for a 50th event recently and all the guests were delighted with the fruits by Fruit World. There’s also Zesty Juices who supplied some great juices at a Bonny traditional event  not too long ago. Vaniah yogurts also have great variety of yogurt desserts with fruits.  H21 supply lovely dessert options too and lovely birthday cakes. You should check them all out on Instagram. 

Birthday Cake as Dessert 

Do you want to save money? The birthday cake can take the place as a dessert option to share among your guests. Delicious  flavors come in  red velvet, deep vanilla and finger licking chocolate.  Most clients insist that most of their birthday cake is shared out at their parties especially if they have received many cakes as gifts. Who really wants to take all that birthday cake home? Not me.

 Are you a dessert addict like me and my hubby? Do you look forward to desserts at event? Please stand up and respond on the comment box. We can’t be the only dessert lovers.

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Have a great weekend

With love RiRi 

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