I am attending a series of women events in the next few weeks to mark international women’s month. Mo Abudu was the lecture speaker today for Wimbiz and here are my summary notes which I hope you find useful.

So right now in the world, it’s fair to say there is chaos. With Brexit in the UK and Trumpism in the USA, Nigerians now face uncertainties as to whether they can enter those countries smoothly. What’s the alternative? Let’s stay in our country and make Nigeria great. Let seek opportunities in our own soil. There are always opportunities in a recession

Mo Abudu’s Lecture

Mo who’s company Ebony Life Films, along with other partners, produced the Wedding Party. I went to see this movie at Christmas and I have to admit that it was one of the best Naija movies that I’ve seen. Mo explained in her talk that the movie exceeded its budget to gross over 450 million naira at the box office. According to sources, it is currently the highest grossing Nollywood movie of all time. Below she outlines why it was a success and maybe the tips can help you with your goals. 

Understand Your Market

She understood that the product for consumers in a time of recession needs to be inexpensive. She talked about the cinema market. An average cinema ticket costs around N1,500. In a recession, people seek escapism. Producing a good film at this time worked. What can you produce at low cost?

Find The Right Team

They found the best talent locally and partnered with other brands. Mo said they actually spent less on Wedding Party using local actors than her previous movie 50. What about you? Do you have the right teams and best talent? 


Her market could identify with the story. Every Nigerian has been to a wedding and can identify with all the drama. I should know. I was once a wedding planner. What is your story? How relatable is it to your audience?


The movie was showcased at the Global Vision in Canada where Oscar nominated films are showcased. How about your brand? How credible is it?

Testimonials From Customers

She received testimonials from influencers who spread the film ”as a must watch” like wild fire. Nothing beats word of mouth marketing. Publicists like me, talked about the film and showcased it on our social media platforms. How about you? What are you doing about getting testimonials from your target audience?

Audience Feedback

She invested in Market research to find out about consumer behaviour. It’s so important because it stops you from making assumptions. Market research gives you facts. 


The film was sponsored by a firm all the way in Dubai. Think out of the box and don’t always believe that your sponsors must only come from Nigeria. This is a global economy.
Her success tips

God first

Prayer is the key. Yes I agree. We cant do anything without our maker.

Understand your DNA

It’s important to know who you are: strengths and your weakness. She worked on hers and makes an effort to smile more (because that is a key to success) and she says sorry when she screams at her staff (That was so open and vulnerable of her to share– I like that)

Have A Vision

Her motto: If you can think you can do it. Dream it and write it down. Have a notebook by your bedside for your night ideas. This is something I will start doing.


Find ones that can add value and are ready to invest in your dreams. The agreement needs to be clearly defined.

Planning & Execution

A lot of people struggle to execute their dreams. Without action, nothing happens.

Marketing and Publicity

It’s fair to say that this is one of my favourite topics. She said don’t be afraid to talk about your brand. Even at events like Wimbiz where you may have the opportunity to ask a question, mention your name and mention your brand or what you are passionate about. In my case Majestically Rare and Raising Confident Girls – That’s marketing – WINK

Other Tips

Challenge the status quo
Maintain your femininity 
Employ ladies
Spend time with friends who encourage you
Seek Opportunities
Know your close circle – Success can create enemies
Finally, find your God given purpose. It’s the only way to live a fulfilled life.
Happy International Women’s Day to all the beautiful women around the globe. We all need each other.

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  1. Thanks for your notes Riri. Mo Abudu is a phenomenal woman and The Wedding Party iscan awesome movie!
    I particularly liked the last tips- employ women. As a female architect, i try to employ and mentor young female architects. Thank you.

  2. Brenda thank you for your feedback and well done for being an awesome trailblazing architect that younger colleagues and mentors can gain wisdom from.

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