In this month of Mental Health Awareness, I would like to talk about something that I can identify with and something has taken me years to understand.

Some of us are “ free spirited”. That means we are very open, we are fun loving, often wear our hearts on our sleeves and don’t take ourselves as seriously as most but also have strong opinions. We ask a lot of questions and we are not settled until we have solid responses to our inquiries. 

Because we are free spirited, we rarely stay in cliques or groups because that would hold back our free spirited personalities. We are not known to keep just one set of friends. We hate being controlled. Working for someone can be restraining for a free spirited person and as a result, we often work for ourselves.

Sometimes our personalities are admired and respected: people that love us love us but on the other extreme our personality type is despised by some that are not free spirited. This can cause all sorts of problems for us especially and unfortunately if we are female, because if we are not mentally strong, we may get bullied, mistreated and sometimes told all sorts of things about ourselves to shrink us. On the extreme end, this can cause mental health issues especially if it’s coming from someone who holds power like a boss.

Some free spirits have actually fallen into depression, developed low self esteem or tried to dull their shine in an attempt to conform or be accepted.

I think everyone needs to accept that we are all different. God created us all unique. The word of God says that if at all possible we should all live at peace with one another.

If you are a parent of a free spirited child, please allow that child to be because that will allow them to flourish.

That’s how God made us. Free spirited, carefree, loving and open.

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