Whether she’s in an Ivy league college in North America or a state school in Ajegunle Lagos, every girl can choose to be confident.  Can you imagine a world where every girl is confident irrespective of her race, her tribe, her family status, her religion or what she has achieved? How would that world look to you?
It literally means a feeling or a belief that you can do something well or succeed at something.  Many girls today lack confidence because they often feel that they are not good enough.  There are also external challenges from social media stories, peer pressure and excessive comparison which makes many girls feel inadequate about themselves.
In my journey of seeking confidence, I am of the belief that a girl who has this strong attribute will far outshine a girl who doesn’t in ALL areas of life. But that shouldn’t be the case. The sky is bigger enough for all girls to shine together 
The 4 Golden keys below will help any girl (or boy) improve her inner confidence.
Let me start by saying self-love is NOT selfish. A confident girl loves herself but not in a boastful or arrogant way. You can often tell when a girl has self-love. She is not apologetic for who she is. She owns her space. She surrounds herself with goodness. Her experiences in life are often positive including relationships. A girl who has strong self-love will not put herself down because she knows that she is fearfully and wonderfully made. She also takes steps to look after herself by eating well and exercising. 

Busola is such a girl. She has no problems with standing up for herself and speaking against injustice. All her relationships are loving and healthy because she loves herself.
A girl with self-knowledge is confident. She is aware of her strengths and her weakness but focuses more on her strengths. She also has a strong sense of identity and is less likely to do anything that she doesn’t want to do. 

Hauwa is such a girl. She is comfortable spending time alone to figure out who she is. She loves to read or go on courses that help her with personal growth. Because she is secure in herself she does not mind asking others for feedback. She doesn’t see any feedback as criticism rather she learns more about herself. She also doesn’t follow the crowd. She makes  good choices because she knows what is good for her.
A confident girl has a strong sense of purpose. From a young age she has been raised to set goals and to go for what she wants. A confident girls knows that goal setting is a good habit which will lead to success. 

Edna is 16 and loves tennis. She practices nearly every day and has even written in her journal that she will be a great tennis player. Her parents saw her passion from young and encouraged her. They also assist her in writing down other important goals for her life.
A confident girl looks on the bright side of life. She expects good things to happen to her. She doesn’t make excuses for herself or blame her circumstances for where she is. She always believes in the best possible outcome.  She doesn’t worry about negative outcomes because her mind is focused on doing her best. 

Ada is a confident girl. She is great company because she is always positive. She thinks the best in others and you hardly hear her complaining. She is an optimist and believes that something great will always happen to her.
A world where every girl is confident is possible if a girl will love herself, know herself, have clear goals and think positively about herself. That is our vision at Raising Confident Girls. Find out more about us below. 
So that it’s from me for the year. I do hope you have found my articles useful or helpful. Please let me know in the comment box.
I wish you and your family a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Thanks for stopping by and please share with someone who may need it. 


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