Recently, a few close friends of mine wanted to know how to enrich one’s life. Despite having a comfortable lifestyle and having the means to do most things,  they still yearned for a deeper sense of  purpose. So I shared 7 things I do to enrich my life which they found useful and I hope you will too. Here they are


Do what you love and love what you do. I  really love what I do and get paid for it. I’m an international event planner and business trainer for Majestically Rare. Between the two I just can’t decide which I prefer but I get fulfillment by doing them both. I love hosting corporate events as well as smaller empowerment events.  I also get paid to speak. If you dont love what you do, maybe youre in the wrong field. Food for thought!


Giving back to others is such an enrichment. It helps you take your mind off yourself. Raising Confident Girls is a movement that I’ve been involved with for 5 years. It’s one of the pursuits that gives me fulfillment. Whether I’m connecting with our members on our social media platforms, hosting events or being involved in the charity drive for school fees for the underprivileged, being involvement in the movement gives me a huge sense of fulfillment. Find a way to give back. Its so rewarding.


If you want to enrich your life you should try dancing regularly. I love to dance. On the last day of the month you will find me at H21 in Lekki phase 1, dancing off to old school tunes with my fellow rockers. When I’m not dancing at H21, I’m dancing in my house. Aside from losing weight, the benefits to dancing are huge and in my opinion definitely enriches one’s life. 


Being around the same crowd or having the same conversations with the same people gets boring. I am very much a free spirit and that means I don’t limit my friendships to one circle.  I have a wide network of friends that I communicate with regularly. There’s just too many interesting people in the world to be to be restricted! I love making friends with millennials. So much to learn from them too. 


Learn a new skill to enrich your life. I confess I am addicted to personal development. I am always looking for ways to be my best self!  My library is stacked with self help books and I watch a lot of YouTube videos. I also spend time learning on online platforms. Watch out for my own online school which is coming to you soon. 


Blogging helps to enrich ones life. I love to write about the things that matter to me. I love sharing. I started serious blogging after my dad died suddenly in 2016. It’s been very therapeutic in helping with the challenges of life as well as blessing my readers. 


Vlogging is another way to enrich your life. I’ve started getting into more video producing not just for my work but in my personal life. I enjoy being on video and I also enjoy editing. By the way using videos for marketing is a great way to get your business out there.  Its the way to go in the 21st century and its brilliant social proof. I have a youtube channel which I am linking below.



Billions of people are on social. You cant argue with figures. Its enriching. Its fun. Its addictive. I love social media and if it was to close down, I would feel a loss especially Facebook. I share a lot of positivity and  have recently started having the most fun on my Instagram account. Check out my Baby Mama challenge with my sister Kelechi (wink).  Click link below to follow me.



Finally I love spending time with my family whether its praying or just laughing together. My home is peaceful. As much as I like going out, I’ve started to appreciate the safe haven in my home. I enjoy the fellowship and family time we have. I also appreciate the daily conversations especially with my daughter who is studying abroad. Speaking to her daily on FaceTime stops me from missing her so much and enriches my life. I also love speaking to my mum and siblings and extended family and friends who are abroad too.

So these are just some of the ways I enrich my life. As you can see, it doesnt cost much. How about you? How do you enrich your life? Please share with me because I am still on the quest for enriching my life deeper. Please share in the comment box.

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Love RiRi

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