I have worked in enough teams throughout my life to realise that great performance is increased when there are great team dynamics. At a recent training in Abuja, I informed delegates that great teams don’t come by chance. They are improved with the following characteristics.
A Compelling Purpose
When a team knows the reason why they exist and it is communicated clearly, this increases team performance. Leaders and managers should make communication clear and concise especially in the forming stage of the group, so that every team member knows and understands why they are there.
Shared Leadership

Have you noticed what happens when ONE person dominates a team? The team feel like they are controlled by one person. This does not bring unity. When there is shared leadership, its allows for more flexibility and bonding and improved team performance. This can be achieved by delegating more roles and responsibilities to others.


Great Structures
A team performs better when there are great structures. Everyone knows their roles and responsibilities and those of others. There is also access to information that is vital to the project and an open door policy for communication.
Everyone is Committed
I have been in teams where there are only a few members that are committed to working on a project. A great team has everyone engaged and committed. This is usually because the entire team is keyed on to the vision.
They Embrace Differences
Good teams understand that everyone is different. Everyone’s experiences are unique. Nobody is shut down. Views and opinions are respected. Team players normally have strong emotional intelligence and are able to manage their emotions and understand the emotions of others. They also demonstrate empathy which is the ability to understand and feel the emotions of others in their team. 
Personal Growth
Team members recognize that in order to be effective they take out time to know themselves. They attend personal development training and they seek to learn better ways of working with others.
Common Values
Teams that perform well have common values and shared vision. This enables them to work well together. They are all keyed into doing their best to achieve the objectives of the project.


Great Results
Great teams achieve great results. The team grows from strength to strength and every team player is part of the success.
So this is where I pause. Do you have anything to add to great team performance? Do get in touch if you require training to improve team performance or business skills such as marketing or sales. I can be reached at rita@majesticallyrare.com  Please feel free to leave a comment and share with others that may benefit. 
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