2020 is the season of ‘plenti plenti’ milestone birthday parties: be it friends, partners, parents or grandparents. In recent months, I’ve planned a 50th praise jam, a sweet 70th, a high society joint 80th & 90th, an 80th with a book launch and a Yoruba Princess’s 50th party. Yet each party has been very different and unique and that’s what makes event planning fun and interesting.

Here are some themed ideas that you might want to consider for your next milestone event for you or your family member.

Black Tie Themed Party

Credit – Glamorous Dorothy

Black tie milestone birthday parties are very popular all over the world. The ladies love to dress up in  flowing ball gowns and the men are keen to wear their best tuxedo for a change. This is the type of birthday party you should host if looking glamorous and dressing up is important to you.  Most of your guests will get an opportunity to strike a pose on the red carpet and if they are lucky, some might get awards for best dressed. Everything about a black tie must be glamorous right down to the invitation cards, staging, decor and beautiful hostesses.

Jeans and Tees

This type of party is the opposite end of the black tie themed birthday party and it’s usually planned for clients who just want their guests to feel totally relaxed and have lots of fun. I find that Jeans and Tees make room for plenty of dancing, games and activities. So if you really want your guests to have a major dance off with lots of fun activities, then you might want to opt for this theme.

Decade Themed Party

Decade parties are also popular. The most popular being 70’s. I remember planning a fun themed 70’s birthday party not too long ago for a 40th and guests turned up in afros and flares. Everyone looked amazing. We created  70’s themed games, props, disco lights, quizzes and strictly 70’s music. The celebrant and guests had a memorable and fun time. My younger sister hosted a 90’s themed birthday for her 30th recently.  I wasn’t able to attend but it was a great party. Everyone dressed up as their favourite 90’s pop star. One of the highlights was my brother who was dressed as MC Hammer.  He really looked the part and danced the part. You cant touch this.

All White Party

Another theme that is popular for milestone birthdays  is setting a colour code. The most popular being  white. All your guests would dress up in white and the celebrant normally dresses up in another colour to stand out. If you want to make it that more exciting then an all white beach party is a must have. Preferably at Landmark beach if you are in Lagos (wink) You don’t have to stick to all white though. You can paint the town red.

Naija Beats Party

What about a Naija Beats Party with a twist? You and your guests can dress up in Afro Centric wear but get ready to bust out in the most popular dance moves including sheri, gwara, shoki, zanku etc. This would be a party filled with the best of African food including bush meat, boli and fish, pepper soup and peppered suya. Lets not forget jellof rice. It’s a must. Please no ”eba” though at this kind of birthday party lol. This is not a traditional wedding.

Futuristic Party

The future is in your hands and  so a futurist themed birthday party might be  something to consider. Its’ going to take lots of creative input to achieve a 3000 year themed party  but its doable. I’m thinking: lots of metallic colours, glow sticks, strobe lighting  and LED lighting.  Also coloured cocktails and carefully name finger foods like ‘Back to the Future’. There should be futuristic rockets, robot props and techno type music.  Dress code can be silver or gold jumpsuits. Wow sounds like something I want to plan today. Who needs this?

Intimate Dinner Party

A few of my clients are opting for private dinner parties which ensures they invite only their nearest and dearest.  It’s usually by strict by invitation. An intimate dinner party would be no more than 100 guests which at times can be pretty hard to achieve in Nigeria. Warning! You are always going to upset someone who thinks they should be invited. These type of parties are really classy and intimate and most of the time you know everyone personally at your event. These parties are also cost effective  and there’s certainly no pressure to feed 1000 guests ( typical of Nigerian Parties)

So there you go! I hope I’ve given you food for thought with your next milestone event or corporate event. There’s so many more themes that I haven’t mentioned. We have lots of ideas to help you plan a fun and memorable party,  Let me know what’s been the best ever milestone or corporate event you’ve attended and why?


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