Marketing is everything thing you do to place your products or services in the view of your target audience. It often involves strategically sharing information about your products and service. But a lot of business owners shy away from marketing due to lack of confidence or to avoid being seen as too pushy.

But lets consider the following 

1. We buy from people who we feel are confident. When you show your target audience that you believe in your brand, they are more likely to buy from you.

2. We recommend people that we know can confidently deliver a good. Have you ever recommended someone that wasn’t sure of themselves or didn’t project confidence? Probably not. You would recommend a friend who you know is going to do a great job.

3. We follow people, who we feel can lead with confidence. As a business owner are you projecting confidence? Do your target audience recognize you for your leadership and skills? Are you a thought leader?

4. We purchase products that we are confident we can trust. Is this communicated in your marketing? Do you have testimonials from satisfied customers? Are you sharing on social media platforms? What about videos? Have gone LIVE before? What not give it a try and let your target market see how passionate you are about your products or services?

4. We listen to people who speak with confidence. As a business owner have you sought speaking opportunities where you can demonstrate your knowledge? Are you able to speak to a large audience with confidence and handle the question and answers session? If you can, you are doing great.  It’s a great form of marketing your expertise.

In this month of June, dedicate yourself to being more confident at marketing your business. It really pays.

I will be launching an outline course tagged ‘’How to win contracts by presenting confidently’’.  Watch out for course launch dates.

Sending you warm regards



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