This information is useful for those living in Naija and looking to host events. When booking a venue it’s very important to read their terms and conditions because some information may be hidden in small print or not even communicated at all. Below are 5 important questions to ask a venue manager.


1.  Can we bring in our own food and drink?

When I started event planning many years ago, hotels were not allowing outside food or drink vendors in their space. You had to order your menu direct from hotels. Times have changed and more venues are flexible especially as they seek to increase their revenue. Some will allow you to bring in your own food and drink but charge a corkage fee per head.

2.  How long do we have access of this venue till?

You need to know when you can set up.

Can the event decor set up take place over night?

Will you need your own power to set up overnight?

How much notice is given during the event before the sound is switched off?

How much extra do you have to pay if you want your time extended?

If you dont ask these questions, it can spoil a party atmosphere if the power is shut down without any notice.

3. What happens if there’s a power failure?

Most top venues usually have backup power that comes on immediately. For venues that don’t have such capacity, it is best that the DJ and band bring their own power supply.

4. Is there a secure room to keep valuable items?

Sometimes you need a secure place to keep souvenirs or brochures that will be distributed to guests or gift items from guests. It’s important to know if the venue has a secure room which can be locked up. It’s wise to delegate this responsibility to someone you trust and who will ensure that your items are safe.

5. What security does the venue provide?

Find out from the venue, what security is in place, so that there’s no duplication. Do bear in mind that most venues do not provide armed security  or bouncers for events.

How has your experience been with venue providers? Please share.


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