Today marks 9 years that my brother Chris also fondly known as Crissy passed on but all I have is fond memories of his short life. Ive always found it therapeutic to write about my emotions and today is no different. Chris left us at the tender age of 33  due to stomach cancer. It was such a shock to all of us because it wasn’t something one expected at such a young age and he fought hard to survive but God knows best. Chris didn’t leave this world screaming and crying though; he lived his best life and traveled to all the places he wanted to visit right to the end.

Here are 5 Lessons that I learned from my brother Chris.

Everyone that knew Chris knew he was confident. He believed in himself and his abilities completely. He just knew his stuff and because he was confident, he achieved a lot especially in business in such a short time.

Chris could sell anything to anyone. At one point he was selling his branded CD’s on Oxford Street London and with his gift of negotiating he was able to clearly achieve his goals. He had the gift of the gab lol.

Chris was a generous young man and my children got to appreciate this. They will never forget all the lovely gifts he showered on them. He also donated all his designer clothes to close family and friends on a visit to Naija before his passing.

Chris had a determination that was very rare and that’s why his business grew rapidly. He just wouldn’t accept no. Those around him knew that once he wanted something he would get it. Even with the diagnosis he was determined to live out the time the doctors had predicted he would leave us.

Chris was a family guy and when I relocated to Nigeria in 2008, he visited three times within 6 months. He also travelled with my mum and they visited New York and Dubai in such short space of time. It was difficult to see Chris in a lot of pain towards his end. I remember one particular day when the pain was unbearable. He died in peace though. May we all learn to number our days that we may gain a heart of wisdom (Psalm 90:12)

I know he is resting today in a better place. One love Crissy.

I will always love you

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