Anyone that knows me well enough knows that I invest in personal development and this includes investing money on training. I just believe it’s one of the ways you can add value especially when you learn and apply the new principles. In a world that is hugely competitive you need to bring more than your experience or credentials. You need to add value.

Listed below are some of the ways you can achieve this.

Provide Expert Advice

Whether you’re working for yourself or in paid employment, if you demonstrate expert knowledge you will stand out. You probably read a lot. You also spend time researching your industry and you are thought leader in your field. Customers will seek you because they know that you know your stuff.

Dedication and Passion

Some people work because they have bills to pay but if you love what you do, then you will go the extra mile to delight and serve your clients. Customer will notice that it’s not just about money for you but you care about their needs. This is how you add value.

Provide Fresh Ideas

You always provide your clients with fresh ideas because you are knowledgeable. You always attend industry events and are therefore able to share best practice with others that need it. Your clients love you because they know they are going to gain new information from you.

Save Money for Clients

One of the things your clients admire about you is that you save them money yet still provide value. Integrity is a strong value for you, so you wont try to cut corners or gain money off your clients just so that you can gain profits. You always look for their best interest and this keeps them loyal to you.

You Value Time

You always turn up for meetings on time and you are  respectful to others especially their time. You know that time is important, so you never keep them waiting. If you call a meeting you make sure that it starts on time. You stand out in a mediocre society because you value time.

Build a Strong Brand

You understand that branding is not just about your logo. It’s the character and identity of your business. You realise that in order to build a strong brand, everything about what you do needs to be consistent. If you provide an excellent service, then you need to provide it all the time. Your brand needs to tell a good story, be memorable and stand out. When your clients know that this is what you practice, they will seek you and tell others about you.

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