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Welcome to 2020 and as my gift to you, I plan to write a blog post each week giving you useful advice on event planning. I have years experience in event planning both in London and Lagos, so its fair to call me an expert and I am certified by the International Open Academy (IOA). If you live in a city like Lagos you can expect to host your own events or attend lots of events of your family and friends. I have put together 10 things to avoid at your events this year.

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  1. Disorganised Program Flow

There’s a reason why people engage professional event planners and one reason is that the event will actually flow smoothly and be enjoyable. Have you ever been to an event where everything seemed disorganised?  It means that the event flow was not well thought out. Think about your target audience and their preferences because planning a program flow for a 40 year old is very different from an 80 year old. It cant be cut and paste.


  1. Unskilled Comedians

Not everyone that calls themselves a comedian is funny. Some just arent. If you engage a comedian who is not funny it will make your event flat and boring. I have attended events where the comedians are not funny. It was a sore sight. Nobody was laughing and I personally couldn’t wait for him to leave the stage for his sake. Always ask professional event planners for advice and referrals for entertainers.

  1. Unskilled MC’s

I haven’t finished with the unskilled commentators. I don’t know who is worse; the unskilled comedian or the unskilled MC. Speaking to a group of people as an MC is a profession and you need the gift of engaging an audience. If you cant do that please don’t volunteer yourself. Again, its not a pretty site. Always use professional MC’s or at least those that can keep an audience interested.

  1. Long Speeches (Yawn)

So you have an unskilled MC  who allows guests to make long speeches. You are looking at your watch and this person has been speaking for 30 minutes about the celebrant. Haba is she the only one? Four more people are waiting to make speeches. Your guests are bored.  Always give those speaking a time limit, at least a week before the event and let them know that the maximum time for speeches are 5 minutes. It should be sharp, short and sweet.


  1. Poor Sound

It’s bad enough having long speeches, then lo and behold, the sound quality in the room is bad because it has not been factored in the budget costs.  So you can have a great looking hall with classy décor but if the sound is bad, it can spoil the entire ambiance of the event. Ive been to events where millions have been spent on classy decor but has really poor sound. Please factor sound vendor costs in your budget. You will thank me later especially when you view the sound quality on your event video.

  1. Cold Small chop

Nobody likes cold small chops not even kids. So please make sure they are not served at your events. You need to give your small chops vendor the time you want chops to be served so they can make those finger licking delicacies at the right time.

  1. Tasteless Food

Please keep house caterers away from big events because their food never taste the same. Leave the making of food for large events for professional caterers who are use to serving large audiences. It’s not always quantity that matters though. No point in packing a plate of jellof rice and chicken if the food is tasteless. No one will eat it.

  1. Poor Quality Room Coolers

So I want to relax and eat the jellof rice with a large chunk of chicken. I am hungry because by now I am bored of the MC and the Comedian but I cant because the AC’s are not working and I am sweating. The servers who are bringing the food to me are also sweating and the hall feels like an over heated oven. The hall management should make should sure all their appliances are working effectively before an event. If there’s a problem with AC’s, then compensation should be offered. Make sure this is  clearly stated in terms and conditions because I have witnessed this happen too many times.


  1. Rude Hostesses

I rarely work with rude hostesses but I have been to events where they have displayed poor manners. You ask a question to a hostess but instead of responding politely, they are rude or sometimes they run off and you can’t find  them. Always seek professionals as hostesses who understand the value of superior customer care. Majestically Rare only work with such professionals.

  1. Mediocre DJ

And finally, there are mediocre DJ.s. Despite their nice looking turn tables and branded DJ name, their music mix is bland. I am not a DJ but one thing I do know about music is that you shouldn’t keep changing tempos. How are you gonna put a fast track like Bobby Brown’s  ‘’Don’t be cruel’ and then change it instantly to another track that sounds like I’m in a funeral parlour? Thanks not cool for me or other guests.

So there you have it; these are 10 things to avoid at your next event this year.

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  1. You are absolutely right ma. I wish every bride, groom or celebrant reads this. who says a professional cannot work around your budget? We don’t need to pay extreme amounts for a world class standard. Majestically rare events is absolutely top notch.

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